Saturday, September 20, 2008

As Advertised?

While I didn't get to see the first day of training camp, a number of posters that I respect on HF boards (yes I am a blogger that believes that there are some intelligent posters there) were very impressed with Rob Schremp's play today.

On a line with 2 established NHLers in Andrew Cogliano and new Oiler Erik Cole, Schremp scored a goal and may have had a few assists as well (getting accurate box scores at this point in the year is about as likely as getting accurate primary and secondary assists awarded on goals in the Mass Mutual center in Springfield).

Stronger, faster, quicker, more confident, winning battles along the boards, keeping up with the play alongside speedsters Cogliano and Cole, these were all comments by posters on HF Oil describing Schremp's play.

Rob Schremp is ready to make an impact in the NHL, I could sense that in his last 20 games in the AHL last year, he was playing like a man that never wanted to see Springfield again. His play in todays game sounds like it mirrored his play then, except that now he has the tools available at his disposal to really make his mark at the next level.

I have spent much of this off-season telling all of those that would listen that he would come in a man possessed. If he can keep it up, he may finally find himself starting the year in Edmonton.

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