Sunday, September 14, 2008

Eberle Shows Why He Was a 1st Rounder

One of the most impressive players for the Oilers rookies in their 1-0 loss to the Calgary Flames was none other than the Oilers most recent 1st rounder, Jordan Eberle. The young winger showed the ability to play along the boards, get himself into scoring position with regularity, and the speed to play at the next level.

No doubt about it, Jordan Eberle is as advertised. A slick skater with a quick release, and superb goal scoring instincts. Really the only knock that I saw on the youngster is that he needs to get stronger. Hell he was still stronger than I expected him to be just months after the draft. I didn't want to finish my top 20 Oilers prospects list until after I had seen Eberle and '07 1st rounder Alex Plante.

Eberle is probably a year or 2 away, but the fact remains that the skill and work ethic needed on the ice is already deeply rooted in this young man. A superb pick in the bottom third of the 1st round, Jordan Eberle will be knocking on the door soon enough. Players like Rob Schremp and Gilbert Brule had better take advantage of the opportunity to grab a roster spot now, because Eberle sooner or later will be ready to make his mark in the NHL.

It is great to see a team that used to be so thin on skilled forwards literally bursting at the seams in skill. A new era has begun for the Edmonton Oilers, and it is an era that should be here for quite some time.

Here's a quick rundown of my thoughts on players from the rookie game Vs, Calgary.

Players that I felt could hold their heads up high...

1) Theo Peckham:
Won the fight, created a few offensive chances and played a solid defensive game without looking for the big hit.

2) Hans Benson:
Not exactly "professional", but he knows how to send a message. Also had more skill than I anticipated, makes the most out of what he has.

3) Jordan Eberle:
Had a superb game, shows that he has the tools, now he just needs to mature a little more before being in the bigs.

4) Colin McDonald:
was looking to play a power forward game tonight and did a solid job of it.

5) Ryan Huddy:
Spark plug that played in all situations and did well in doing so.

6) Devan Dubnyk:
Kept the game tight and only let in 1 goal. Not too many hi-lite reel saves, but he was solid.

7) Sebastien Bisaillon:
Did well considering how much time he missed last year with a major injury.

8) Cody Wild:
IMO he was solid, he uses his size well without playing very physical, used his speed and puck moving ability a number of times.

9) Ryan Macmurchy:
Never heard of him, but I like the type of game that he plays. Brought some physical play to start the game.

Hang your head!!!

1) Slava Trukhno:
Seriously, he had better get his stuff together. he should've been MUCH better tonight.

2) Ryan O'Marra:
Same as Trukhno, solid in the dot for most of the night, but he really needs to get his game in gear. has the size and speed, but is missing the drive it seems.

3) Taylor Chorney:
Well at least for the 2nd period. Looks to be too small and weak to compete with the bigger players. Definitely showed that he's behind guys like Peckham tonight.

4) Stephane Goulet:
Doesn't look like he improved his skating at all. That won't get you into the NHL Stephane.

5) Bryan Lerg:
Had a few moments, but he'll need to pick it up if he wants time in Springfield this year.


RaoulDuke said...

Things are definitely on the up for us Oil fans. About time too. You should post up your run down you had up on HF from last night's game, your insight into the prospects is the only one besides Guy's I find worth reading.

Keep it up mang.

Bryanbryoil said...

Thanks mang, that's probably a good idea since not everyone that reads the blog will also read HF.