Thursday, September 25, 2008

Theo "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" Peckham

Last night was a typical Theo Peckham game. Hits like a Mack truck, drops the mitts and decisively wins fights, and makes it a point to play an in your face game all night long. Peckham could one day be our Regehr in terms of being a big and tough hombre that the opposition absolutely despises playing against.

The kid is nearly 2 years younger than Ladislav Smid ladies and gentlemen, yet he is already capable of playing a tough game against pro's. I have yet to see him lose a fight (I didn't see all of his fights last year, but most of them). He is a legitimately tough cookie, and often times he doesn't need an invitation to "dance". He has no problems dropping the mitts, and will undoubtedly be in some classic scraps once he gets to the big show.

He has been one of the most improved players since the start of camp. Not unlike his meteoric rise up the Falcons depth chart last year that had the 20 year old win the teams award for their top defenseman after not even starting the year with the team! This kid will need to have a spot opened up for him on the big club, whether it's an injury, Smid being sent down, etc. But he is ready to bring the Oilers what they expected from Matt Greene and more IMO. Whether it's now or later in the year, Theo Peckham will leave his "mark" on the NHL, and if I had a guess, it would probably be black and blue.

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