Monday, October 6, 2008

A Broken Spirit

Rob Schremp was quoted as saying "you keep thinking, don't screw up" and "I just sit around my hotel room all afternoon thinking, worrying about whether or not I'll make it. It's hell."

This sounds like the player that I saw on the ice this preseason, a shell of his creative self, a shell of his productivity. Why would a young player like Schremp feel so scared to make a mistake? Is it because he so despises the minor leagues as it indeed sounded like the case in the same interview? Is it because of how hard he is trying to please the coach's demanding defensive play? Is it because of a number of things? Quite frankly I am not too happy with the idea of a prospect feeling so afraid of making a mistake that it sounds as if he's on the verge of needing anti-depressants.

Add to this inferno, the fact that his grandfather just passed away and he returned home to Syracuse with his NHL dreams in limbo. I certainly hope that this isn't how most of our prospects feel, however I can say that I know of one that hasn't felt that he has been given a fair shake by the organization, and it isn't Schremp.

I would hope that this is the exception, and not the norm. Because if it is the norm, then something needs to be changed in terms of how these people are handled. No one should be afraid of trying to succeed at what you do best.

Coincidentally, he played well defensively this preseason, but his offensive play for the most part was checked at the door.


oilerdiehard said...

When is that opening quote taken from?

I seen a recent quote where he said that is what he used to do in years past. But he no longer let's it get to him and sit around and think about it all the time and worry.

By the way he has made some defensive mistakes. But he certainly was not shipped out early for them. Nor benched that I noticed. He continued to play games and it seems he mostly has had better linemates than in the past. The rest is up to him.

I have seen some good and some so-so play so far this pre-season from. I know you have said yourself all Summer. Robbie needs to come in a rip it up and that is exactly what you thought he would do. He certainly has not been a disappointment in any way. But at the same time he has not really taken it by the throat either IMO.

Having said that I do not see a demotion as a death sentence. I think he is very likely going to be the first call up at forward. I expect him to find a way to stick when that call up comes. I think the organization hopes he will stick with the club at some point this year.

Either that or he will traded. As it seems like it is getting pretty close to the point. Where you need to make a decision on him one way or the other.

Sometimes though Bryan I get the feeling reading your posts on Schremp. That no matter who they have trade, sit, waive etc... they need to do it right now to make room for Robbie. It does not seem to matter to you if that move makes little sense for the team. I think he deserves a chance but he is not yet the kind of player you move heaven and earth for to clear a spot for.

Other than the goalie situation and the fact the Oil have decided they need a heavyweight fighter. I see very little for Robbie and his supporters (which includes me) to complain about. Now if he gets passed over during the season when there are opportunities to get him in the line up. Then it is time to complain IMO.

Bryanbryoil said...

It was on the HF boards Blog thread from 2 days ago.

While he didn't play as I had hoped that he would, the fact remains that for every time that someone says "he didn't earn it" I can point back to a line of Oilers that were given more opportunities than Schremp has despite not having strong camps or regular season performance.

I also don't think that a demotion is a "death sentence" however IMO he's at the point in his career that he needs to know that if something happens and he plays well on the farm, he's coming back up. He has never had that to this point. At the very least that would be a step in the right direction.

oilerdiehard said...

I agree with you Bryan. If he is sent down. He should have some assurance that he will be brought back up at some point this season. Also that they plan to give him a legit shot at sticking. Then it is up to him to come and play well.

Bryanbryoil said...

Amen Dale, stuff like that will keep him hungry and feel that it's a matter of when and not if, that he gets a shot to prove that he's an Oiler.