Friday, October 10, 2008

Last Stop for Roy as an Oiler?

Hopefully. While it may sound harsh, Mathieu Roy's days with the organization should be over. With 7 NHL capable defensemen in Edmonton and 3-4 fairly high profile prospects and 2 lesser profiled yet solid prospects in their own right in Springfield, where does he fit in?

Mathieu Roy is a 'tweener in this organization. Not good enough to play for the Oilers but likely not willing to be a leader at the AHL level in a lesser role. His progression has stalled, and giving him big minutes in key roles in Springfield would wrongly stunt Taylor Chorney's, Theo Peckham's, and Cody Wild's development.

Roy has earned the right to play in the NHL or to at least be given a shot with another team. He is a warrior, has no problem dropping the gloves with bigger players, and unlike most Oilers in the recent past, he will stick up for linemates.

Unfortunately for him, injuries and a highly skilled blueline in Edmonton as well as permanent fixture Steve Staios, there is no need for Roy's services. Hopefully a team will mercifully claim him on waivers so that there is no bad blood heading to Springfield.

It's best for everyone to have Roy move elsewhere. Thanks for the guts that you have shown, and best of luck to you elsewhere, but it's time for all parties involved to move on.

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