Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oilers Top 20 Prospects, #11 Lw Jean-Francois Jacques

The forgotten one this season, Jacques either has had or will have back surgery soon. This has stalled his development and NHL aspirations for the moment. The Falcons could certainly use his size, physical play, and presence in front of the net this season.

While Jacques hasn't translated any offense to the NHL, his mix of size, speed, and willingness to look for the big hit still has him looked upon as one of the Oilers most intriguing prospects. His upside may be that of a 3rd line banger, but being part of a organization that has a 3rd line banger who wears the C on the big club, is that such a bad thing?

Jacques back injury could scare other teams from trying to claim him on waivers after he likely gets sent down for conditioning duty upon his potential return from injury. That could be a very good thing as this season and next training camp will probably be the determining factors in his future or lack there of with the Oilers.

Unlike many people who have given up hope with "The Crazy Train", I still believe that he will be a serviceable player that eventually plays a similar role to Ethan Moreau or Mike Grier with the Oilers.

For now, we will have to wait and see whether or not The Crazy Train will roll again and demolish everyone in his tracks. For his sake and the Oilers, I certainly hope that the 6'4" 217lb. train will be rocking the boards in the near future once again like only JF Jacques can.


oilerdiehard said...

I am just curious. When you compare him to Grier and Moreau. Do you feel he is as good defensively and useful on the PK etc... like those two players?

If the answer is no (I feel he has not been that strong defensively in the NHL as of yet anyway). Then I would say that might be what keeps him on the 4th line. Rather than a consistent 3rd line guy. I do agree that unless injuries keep plaguing him that he will have an NHL career of some sort.

If he does not realize that by early next season I could see that career being elsewhere. I think the Oil have been very patient and have shown a lot of faith in him. But next season is what year 5 for JFJ as a pro hockey player?

Bryanbryoil said...

I believe that he has the physical tools to be as good defensively. The rest remains to be seen. He could end up just being a 4th line banger with some PK time, but the fact that he played a signifiant ammount last season with a bad wrist and still had respectable offensive numbers still leaves a glimmer of hope in my mind that he could take that next step up the depth chart.

BTW-Tomorrow will there will be a post about a fella that you like, not sure if you'll like it though ;)