Saturday, November 15, 2008

Baby Faced Assasin

Liam Reddox provided hustle and a goal where he showed his quick hands around the net. I must admit that I would've liked to have seen another Lw from Springfield in tonight's lineup, but I can't help but smile at the kids first goal and his hustle tonight.

I can't say that I watched the entire game as I was also watching the UFC tonight, Brock Lesnar overpowered Randy Couture, and Gabriel Gonzaga showed that he's in the heavyweight title hunt again.

It will be interesting to see what will become of Reddox when regular players like Brodziak and Penner are supposedly out of the dog house. As solid of an impression as Reddox made, Jesse Boulerice was invisible from what I saw.

Perhaps the Oilers should look to add more energy from the farm? Doubtful, but not a bad idea IMO. Reddox adds a nice energy player to the mix, we could still use more skill up front IMO. We'll have to see how tonight's PB inhabitants do when they make their way back into the lineup.

On another note, you have to feel for Shawn Horcoff. First he gets his shot blocked instead of getting the GW EN goal. Then the play goes the other way and a 2nd penalty is drawn by the Avs. This leads to the game tying goal in the closing seconds of the 3rd period. Lastly he gets stopped to seal a Colorado victory. It appeared as if Horc left the ice for the tunnel immediately afterwards. He had a decent game from what I saw, but once again the results weren't coming for #10.


hunter1909 said...

I am, for pure reasons, a Boston fan right now. The bruins know how to play hockey. Everyone knows what they're doing. The Rangers managed to beat them in a shootout last night, but in reality they had their asses handed to them most of the night, at home, by the most complete team I've seen so far this year.

Then, during the 3rd period, I turned on the Oilers game. Now to be fair, I'm no fan of the coach MacTavish anymore. I know he's lost the team, and until he's fired the Oilers are going nowhere.

It was hilarious to watch, for all the wrong reasons. You can tell the players have pride. They were skating around the first 5 minutes as if their lives depended on it. Unfortunately, the game is 60 minutes long, and you cannot keep up a sprint in a 60 minute game. I knew or figured they would lose. And they didn't dissapoint.

Three players chasing the same puck. North south defence, hoping to simply outnumber the counterattacks before the opposition scores a goal, after a breakout. Literally 2 Oilers knocking each other to the ice, three stooges style in front of the Avs goal.

They play like the 1969 expansion LA Kings, its just pathetic to watch now.

In all seriousness, MacTavish is gone by New Year. I have no doubt the general manager is quietly looking around, to see who he thinks will make the best replacement. MacTavish you can see knows this also. He can't hide it. It's written all over his face. He has lost the team, and there's no getting it back.

Right now ladies and gentlemen, these 2008-09 Oilers are a gong show. A joke. These are great times to be a Flames fan.

MacTavish can bring up Bobby Orr, and it won't make any difference.

Of this I'm certain.

hunter1909 said...

Typical Oilers play in their zone all night: Player A rushes to collect the puck, but doesn't have total control of it, as the opposition forechecker hounds him. Takes a few tentative strides, not real big ones, just choppy ones around 3-4 of them, head swivelling in panic, sees another Oiler...ANY Oiler slightly free in the zone. Hurried pass to that Oiler. Repeat 2-3 times.

Get to the neutral zone, One player carries the puck. No one in support. Sometime, 1 out of 3, maybe 1 other player, max. Gets into the Avs zone, no attempt to cut for the net, or get a shot, ever, skates around behind the net, or passes to another Oiler who isn't really in a good position. End of "attack"

This isn't NHL level hockey. This is bottom third of the conference hockey. With a top 5 in the conference payroll?

Something's got to give.

Anyway, it's a great first crisis test for Tambellini, lol.

No way in hell this team "gells" under MacTavish. By New Years day he's down the road. I guarantee it.

doritogrande said...

Kid had a great game based purely on the scoresheet. I missed this one for bottles and bottles of wine, so I'm not too upset.

You wouldn't think that we'd need either Stortini or Boulerice against a team like Detroit, so this may be a way for Reddox to transform this outing into a semi-permanent gig. Penner and Brodziak back in for Stortini and Boulerice. Keep them both down on the 4th line and leave Reddox wherever he was tonight. Effectively force the two PB junkies to earn every bit of ice time. Make them outplay a guy like Reddox.

Bryanbryoil said...

Boulerice is a worse hockey player than MacIntyre and doesn't bring the intimidation factor. Not sure what the hell his point on the team is? Protect Stortini from fighting?

We'd be better off calling up Sestito and adding more heart and grit into the lineup or calling up Schremp or Brule to add some skill than to have him eating up a roster spot.

oilerdago said...

Would agree w/you on Boulerice - he really did not accomplish anything last night. Bench Stortini too and keep Reddox in for Detroit tomorrow.

Also it's time to get Horc going - dare we say re-unite him w/Hemmer and Penner and see if they can't produce?

Bryanbryoil said...

Horc has shown some jump and maybe the benching lit a fire under Dustin's ass. IMO the new top line hasn't been so good that it has to be kept together.