Tuesday, November 25, 2008

BBO's Oilers Top 20 Prospects, #16 D Johan Motin

Johan Motin is described as a stay at home defenseman. With only 6 career assists in 50 SEL games prior to this season, the Oilers obviously knew that they wouldn't be drafting him for his offense.

However in terms of no nonsense, stay at home d-men without an offensive flair, the Oilers were lacking in that department with only Bryan Young to fit that bill in the organization. So perhaps it was something that the team keyed in on in the '08 draft?

I was looking forward to getting to see Motin in the WJC's this season, however despite being a WJC veteran and having a +5 rating in 6 WJC games last year, Motin was recently informed that his services will not be needed for team Sweden.

Based on accounts of some people that watch the SEL, Motin's icetime has spiked of late with Johan logging the better part of 20 minutes a game. That is an encouraging sign, however at this point in time it would seem likely for the Oilers to let Johan find his game in a defensive league while not having him count against their 50 contract limit.

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