Monday, November 3, 2008

Cogliano Not Being Used on the PK is a Waste of a Dangerous Weapon

Here you have an extremely fleet footed and hard working young player that could easily give the Oilers a shorthanded breakaway threat but he's nowhere to be found. 3 minutes and 14 seconds has been all that Cogliano has seen on the PK this young season while fellow kid liner Sam Gagner has seen 9 minutes and 19 seconds of PK time. Gagner's hockey sense is superb as is his passing ability, however Cogliano's jets are perfect for situations with additional ice.

A combination of Horcoff and Cogliano could really give the opposition fits. Why not take advantage of Cogliano's wheels and work ethic? Why give Gagner PK time instead of a "secret weapon" like Cogliano? IMO it's because once again our coach is too conservative. Look at Chicago's PK, against us and pretty much anyone, it is dominant because of the offensive approach and speed that they have on display on their PK.

3-4 extra SH goals a year could be the difference between a few points, a few points could be the difference between making and missing the postseason.


Addicted-to-oil said...
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Addicted-to-oil said...

I agree fully. I've been calling for MacT to put Cogs on the PK since I started my blog. and

I've mentioned it a number of times since, but those are the most explicit mentionings I've made. I don't understand why Cogs isn't out there on the PK...

I really want to see Cogs on the PK

Bryanbryoil said...

Especially with how effective he is 4 on 4. The fact of the matter is that anytime that he has room something positive happens. Gagner has excellent hockey sense and is a world class passer, but he just doesn't bring what Cogs could.

I also wouldn't be opposed to Nilsson on the PK every now and then either. Nilsson and Cogs up high with Souray and Gilbert or Staios down low sounds like a solid PK unit to me.