Thursday, November 6, 2008

A New Owner, and a New GM, Time For a New Coach

Craig MacTavish needs to go. His teams over the last 8 years have been inconsistent and often times it seems like they flat out don't give a fuck. Quite frankly I'm sick of it and the team that had a shiny luster from the new blood transfusion it got from the arrival of Daryl Katz, Steve Tambellini, Erik Cole, and Lubomir Visnovsky is now about as dull as cardboard. Not a lifesize cardboard cutout of a supermodel, just straight up cardboard.

It's always the same story with this team under MacTavish, inconsistent, long stretches of playing uninspired hockey, and mediocrity. Katz promoted Kevin Lowe to President so he obviously has confidence in him. However if he does then he must be wondering why a team so close to the cap can be so poor.

I don't know who will instigate the discussion about a coaching change, but it needs to happen. Missing the postseason again and watching a bunch of handsomely paid individuals going through the motions yet again is not acceptable. If this is truly a new era for Oilers hockey, and this team wants respect, then there's not other way. It's time for the axe to fall, get it done.

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