Sunday, November 16, 2008

Penner Gets Singled Out and Trashed

Coach Craig Mactavish lambasted Dustin Penner today. He called out Penner for his complacency, his lack of fitness, his lack of consistency, his lack of "jam", and in essence told Penner that until something changes he's out of the lineup.

Penner had a solid preseason and IMO was solid until about the 3rd game of the season. I had heard on a telecast that Penner had back issues. I am unsure if the injury has been lingering, or if Penner is 100% healthy. I would hope that he is 100% healthy or else the coaches blasting of said player is unwarranted.

Penner has been playing poorly for much of this season, there is no disputing this, however could he really be playing THAT bad if he was 100% healthy? If he is healthy, he should be ashamed of himself for the effort that he has been putting forth.

However I must add to this that other players have given similarly poor efforts, players like Shawn Horcoff for example up until recently. While others have played hard but gotten minimal accomplishments, players like Erik Cole.

I also have to wonder if Mactavish is starting to see the writing on the wall that his job is on the line. Perhaps he's just trying to throw underachieving players under the bus to make himself look like a victim of a bad crop of players while trying to salvage his job.

Dustin Penner in his current form is an untradeable asset, if he is healthy and this is how he plays when healthy, he belongs on the 3rd or 4th line in the AHL. I however don't buy this. Penner, Nilsson, Garon, how many other players is our coach tearing into not named Horcoff, Cole, Gilbert, Grebeshkov, Roloson, etc.?

It seems to me that the players have had it with MacT's damning sermons. These could be the end of days for the helmetless one.


Bob Arctor said...

As much you want to see it happen, Mac T isn't likely gone till the end of this year(at the earliest). Nothing Katz has done since he took over suggests anything different.

Yes we have a new "GM" but look at the new assistant coach hired this summer. You're going to be really squealing when Buchberger is head coach and MacT is assistant GM.

Could another coach do better with what this team has? Somewhat likely, but the new coach is still going to have the same holes in his lineup as MacT. At some point, blame needs to be lain at Kevin Lowes feet.

Bryanbryoil said...

My biggest worry is that we replace MacT from within. Hopefully Tambellini has a big say in the decision as it will be his head, not Lowe's on the line if the team underperforms after a coaching change.

Perhaps Lowe was already removed from his post because Katz didn't like what he has done, but likes him as a friend and a mediator.

hunter1909 said...

Lowe was removed the moment Katz took over. Why? because Katz isn't stupid.

MacT probably will be gone by Christmas. Why? Because Katz isn't going to want to answer questions about why his 150,000,000.00 investment stinks.

MacT is exhibiting all the signs of a man tied to the mast of a schooner during a storm at sea. I just hope the Red Wings score 10 goals per game, to help speed the process along.

hunter1909 said...

What's really amazing over on HF boards is, just how reasonable the anti MacT sentiment is. Only the fanatics seem to want MacT to stay.

I'm 100% anti-MacT and got banned, for being a fanatical anti-MacT guy.

It's hilarious.

Bryanbryoil said...

Yep, it seems as if those of us that are pushing for him to get canned are "immature, idiotic, ignorant, etc."

What I'd like to know is what would it take for them to believe that a coaching change is needed? I really hope that he gets fired and that the team goes on a roll with the new coach. What will their excuse be then? "It's the players faults, they needed a kick in the ass". Maybe they needed less kicks in the ass? Maybe they needed to be commended for doing well to go along with being crapped on when they aren't?

It is time for a change, and while they're at it, a change on the farm wouldn't hurt either.