Friday, November 14, 2008

The "Streak" Grows

As big of a fan of Rob Schremp as I am, and as much as I feel that he should've been called up to play alongside Robert Nilsson on the 4th line instead of Liam Reddox, Schremp still hasn't been looking to fill the net. He is now riding a 11 game goalless drought, and instead of firing a ton of pucks on net to break it, he seems content not to score.

I have to wonder why Schremp hasn't been looking to put the puck on net? Why is he content to just be a playmaker? Is the Springfield coaching staff telling Rob that he needs to get the puck on net more? I do recall a quote from Jeff Truitt saying that they watched video and they agreed that he had space to shoot the puck and that he should do so. Maybe the fact that he hasn't done just that is what is keeping him in the minors? Perhaps his mindset will change when he does finally score, but maybe for some reason, he's just dead set on being an assist man?

Longest goalless streaks in a single season:
13 ('07-08) 33sog.
11 ('08-09) 16sog.
9 ('06-07) 25sog.
9 ('06-07) 13sog.
7 ('07-08) 10sog.
6 ('07-08) 11sog.
6 ('06-07) 15sog.
6 ('06-07) 6sog.

In 6 of the 8 streaks he had less than 2 shots per game in that streak, and in 3 of those streaks he had a little over 1 shot per game including his current streak.

Where is this version of Rob Schremp?
The one that netted a goal in his second to last game last season while firing off 5 shots on goal? The Oilers and Falcons could use that guy right about now.


Bruce said...

That's an awful lot of long goal-less droughts for a supposed offensive player in a minor league. Looks like we can add "streaky" to some of the other long-standing knocks on this guy. Little wonder the Oil aren't in a hurry to bring him up.

Bryanbryoil said...

His goalscoring and shot production is definitely streaky. However very few players are finished products at 22 years of age.