Monday, December 8, 2008

Falcons Weekly Review, Week 9

While missing 3 of their best forwards due to injury call-ups, the Falcons were led by Ryan Potulny, Slava Trukhno, and Bryan Lerg offensively. Add in some offense from Sebastien Bisaillon with his big slap shot, and the Falcons held their own in 2 of their 3 weekend games. Goalie Devan Dubnyk's numbers have continued a downward spiral since being named player of the week awhile back. Dubnyk is down to a 0.906%. Prior to his recall by the Oilers, C Gilbert Brule was suspended 4 games by the AHL for a boarding major in which he was given a game misconduct in Wednesday's 6-4 loss to the Lowell Devils.

The Falcons went 2-2 this week/weekend moving up one spot from 6th in the Atlantic Division to 5th at the end of play on Sunday.

Taylor Chorney and Mathieu Roy are both big minus players at -10 and -7 respectively. Roy was aided in his poor +/- with a -4 outing in a recent game.

Falcons Top Offensive Contributors...
Ryan Potulny 4gp. 3-3-6
Bryan Lerg 4gp. 3-2-5
Slava Trukhno 4gp. 1-4-5
Sebastien Bisaillon 3gp. 2-0-2

Falcons MIA...
Taylor Chorney 3gp. 0-0-0 -3
Colin McDonald 4gp. 0-0-0 5sog. -2


oilerdago said...

So what's the deal with them not playing Glen Fisher? Is it any wonder here that part of the reason DD's numbers are suffering is that he's getting no breaks?

Saw the same thing last year too where JDD would run 3 games in a row over a weekend and everyone wondered why he seemed to hit the wall (in addition to all the rubber he faced). Do they just not think Fisher is an alternative?

Bryanbryoil said...

There's a noticeable drop in play between the 2. IMO the Falcons should consider giving Perugini a call since he started out well with Stockton this year.

Better yet would be JDD getting sent down for a conditioning stint and giving DD a rest.

JDD hit the wall later in the year, Dubnyk could be hitting it much sooner because he's playing more than JDD was last year.

oilerdago said...

Both are options make sense because the situation screams for them to work a goalie into the mix and yet DD is the only one playing.

Makes me wonder if this organization is ever going to be able to develop goalie's. There's no balance. First it's not having an AHL affiliate that holds JDD back then they overuse him last year. Now he's sitting as a #3 on the big team while DD is being overused.

To borrow a phrase from Kevin Lowe it's poor asset management.