Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How In the HELL Can a Guy that has Scored Just 1 Goal in the AHL Help an NHL Team?

Firstly with some superb passing skills, secondly with hustle, and thirdly with passion to want to be in the NHL and never see the AHL ever again. Rob Schremp was involved in 3 Grade A scoring chances. The first was his assist on the GWG from Marc Pouliot. A pass that was perfectly placed so that the defender couldn't get it and Pouliot did the rest. Then he came in and fired a slapper that was saved by Marty Turco, and lastly as the decoy on a 2 on 1 that turned into a 3 on 2 and a Cogliano goal to add insult to injury on a 5-2 Dallas loss.

The kid should've been a +2 tonight had he not just gotten on the ice on a change on Modano's 2nd goal of the night. He played like a player that never wants to ride a bus in the AHL anymore. This is the player that I was expecting in this years preseason. Better late than never Schremp! If he can keep up this kind of play and confidence in himself, perhaps it will finally persuade the current or future coach to run with 3 scoring lines. Because it would be a damned shame to send a guy playing like this to the minors.


oilerdiehard said...

I am so happy with the way Robbie played tonight. If he can keep this up he is here to stay.


Bryanbryoil said...

IMO he will, he has been extremely consistent in the AHL this year. IMO the only thing that he turned up tonight was his grit. Although he has been getting grittier as the season has gone along. As I stated recently, Schremp has been knocking players on their cans lately in the AHL. I don't expect that in the NHL, but as he gets stronger it will come.

Mark said...

You have to wonder what the lines look like after nilsson gets back?
I doubt he breaks up the 3L and I doubt he plays Schremp on the 4L unless you think Row-bert goes down to 4L?

Chris said...

I think Gagner might get a better view of the game when Nilsson comes back...

Bryanbryoil said...

Mark-It all comes down to whether or not MacT is willing to think outside of his 2-1-1 lineup. IMO it shows that we have the capability to run with 3 scoring lines. It's up to the coach to figure that out and play a game that fits his players strengths.




There's a number of different combinations that could work. IMO the top line needs to stay intact the rest are up for grabs.

Yeti said...

Schremp played his first 'real' NHL game and comes off the ice with a good stock of credit. It will be interesting to see how he does against the much superior opposition that the Sharks will offer. Lets hope he plays even better.

Just a question BBO, do you not find some vindication of the way the Oil have treated Schremp in this kind of performance? He clearly has been shell shocked into actually working on all aspects of his game, has the right attitude, and it showed on the ice where he looked and competed like an NHLer from tip to toe.

Personally, if he continues to play well the organisation will have to find space for him when Nilsson returns (bye bye goaltender X). But also, they can take some serious credit for moulding a real player out of him. The project seems near completion!?

Bryanbryoil said...

He needed to get the work ethic instilled in him to become the player that I felt that he could become. As it stands it seems as if the right approach was taken. As long as the potential bad blood is checked at the door I'm happy with the way that he has grown as a player on and off the ice.

I must say however that if Schremp keeps up his play and is sent down, it could end up souring his thoughts of this organization permanently.

I want him to become a great player, IMO he's on the right track. He's got a long ways to go, but with continued due diligence he could get there.

In retrospect it's probably been in his best interest because if not he could've been too deficient in other areas to become the player that I feel that he should be.

The fact that he was contributing so much at even strength shows just how far his game has come along. I'm hoping that the label PP specialist is shed once and for all, however the kid is freaking awesome on the PP too ;)