Saturday, December 6, 2008

Schremp Deserves an Extended Look at the Very Least

Rob Schremp has been dying for a chance to live his dream as an NHL player. He has taken more hard knocks than any Oilers prospect that I can recall in recent memory. But the kid stayed the course, learned from his mistakes, and at the moment looks like one hell of a good young NHL hockey player.

It has long been my belief that what has held Schremp back in the AHL in terms of not producing gaudy numbers was that very few players could think the game at his level offensively. Although I never got to see the Schremp/Nilsson duo in WBS, that was the only guy that Schremp has played with in the AHL that could be considered a similar talent.

Often times I would see him make a smart and quick play that would be wasted because those surrounding him couldn't keep up mentally with his quick decision making skills. He is where he belongs, in the league with the most highly skilled players in the world. And he will only get better, because Schremp has brought his work ethic up to the point that he will be a very successful player in this league. The NHL hasn't seen the best that Rob has to offer yet, but he is coming along.

Watching him grow as a player wearing the Oil drop is something that I had wondered if it would ever happen some days not all that long ago. However I knew that he would be an NHL player, and I knew that he'd be a solid offensive contributor to boot.

But I am so happy that as it stands he could be that player for MY team.

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