Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So if a Top 6 Forward Goes Down, Schremp Gets the Call Eh?

Big surprise. To be completely honest. IMO Brule had a better weekend than Schremp did this past weekend. So if we were going STRICTLY off of this last weekend, I'd be fine with Jillbear getting the nod.

However Hemsky is out and he is a top 6 forward, as a matter of fact THE top 6 forward. THE PP QB, and THE top offense creator on this team. Marc Pouliot sustained a concussion and his role COULD be seen as that of a bottom 6 forward. So IF Brule is replacing Pouliot, it might make some sense. HOWEVER the problem with that is that Liam Reddox will continue to be on the top line (a bottom 6er is o.k. in the top 6, but the other way around is deemed as Devil Worship?).

Complicating matter further, Brule's recent 2 game NHL stint has him just 11 NHL games away from being waiver eligible. This means that if the team needs Brule later in the year and say he plays 5 NHL games in this stint, we may have to waive a player (after the trade deadline) to protect the team from losing the 2005 6th overall draft pick.

Back to the Schremp situation, he wouldn't be waiver eligible until next season, he could prove to be ready to contribute in which case he would raise his trade value and make a trade of a player like Robert Nilsson more plausible.

Unless this team is planning on dealing Nilsson and slotting Schremp into his spot, I must admit that this move is very puzzling. Unless Pouliot or Hemsky go on the IR, the team can only recall 1 player at the moment.

I don't care if you are a Rob Schremp fan or you detest said player, I doubt that anyone could objectively look at this situation and feel that Schremp is getting a fair shake.


oilerdago said...

BB, I wonder if the Oilers feel that at this point they need someone who can actually put the puck in the net and Brule is hot after this weekend.

While Schremp is scoring this year, he's thinking pass first and the Oilers need someone who can snipe. Also, against a team like Calgary, someone who's not afraid to bang. Again, that says more Brule than Schremp right now.

To be honest, if it's a sniper you really need, Potulny is probably a better fit at this stage, however they probably think they can't sneek him through waivers.

I would also think that Brule goes back down immediately once Hemsky's ready or, if he really shows something, the Oilers are stuck and he's up for good.

That would then put them in a position where they have to send down Reddox, Stortini or MacIntyre (whome they'd most likely lose).

Not the ideal situation, but, a chance for someone to step up and show something, right?

Anonymous said...

Bryan, Schremp has gone 1G, 5A in his last 10 AHL games. Brule has 6G, 3A. If I had a NHL club in need of goal scoring, I know who I'd call.

Plus, barring a huge performance I imagine this is only a short-term callup.