Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Time to Let Bygones be Bygones

With the Oilers struggling, coach Craig Mactavish could use a helping hand. With Rob Schremp's first pro contract running out at the end of this season, he could use some help for his career as well. While I have absolutely no factual information to back up my claim, it is my belief that the current coach does not want to see #88 on the ice for his team.

Many minute details have led me to the belief that Rob Schremp has some uphill skating to do to get the coach in his corner enough to be considered for a full time NHL spot under MacT's "reign". The way that I look at it, is that if this is indeed the case, and these 2 men aren't very fond of each other, they need to squash it right now. MacT needs guys that will play hard and listen to him and of course produce.

If Penner can get a second "leash on life" then why not Schremp? Schremp's journey to the NHL has been very unorthodox, but nonetheless he is here. It's time for these 2 guys to bury the hatchet. If they don't, this could be both of their death throws in the Oilers organization.

Rob Schremp has not sulked or pouted when sent down to the AHL. Quite the contrary, he's worked harder, played better, and he has learned to play respectable defense while also keeping his offensive flair. Rob Schremp was drafted as a skilled forward, and he is exactly that. The cocky young kid is now a hard working young man.

The coach and the entire organization should see that. It's time to reward him, there is little doubt that he will in turn reward the coach, the team, and the fans. Move forward together for the betterment of the team, not individual agenda's.

To pull MacT's job out of the fire, the team will need to establish consistent offensive production from its forwards. A 3 scoring line approach is probably the teams best bet to achieve just that. Turning the reigns over to an 18, 20, and 22 year old last year seemed to do a whole lot of good, maybe MacT can catch lightning in a bottle twice with Schremp and maybe Brule?

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