Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Big 30

Yup, my 20's are now officially behind me. Pretty amazing how time flies once you hit the work force. I have been blessed with a loving family, a wonderful wife, and some great friends. To everyone that has taken the time to befriend me on Oilfans, HF, or here, thanks for taking the time to shoot the breeze with me.

I may not be blessed with wealth, but I am blessed in so many other ways. I love what I do, my wife stands beside me in the good and bad times, my family is always there when I need them the most, and I am living in the only place that I have ever truly called home.

Maybe one day I'll get to meet some of you when I make my way up north, in the meantime thanks for taking your time to chat with this 30 year old prospect and anti-MacT nut!!!

Cheers, Bryan


LMHF#1 said...

Happy Birthday good sir! I find myself lacking in terms of being able to tell you what to do to celebrate because if I lived where you do, I'd do all these things every week.

Bryanbryoil said...

Thanks man, I'm working today although I got to go throw netting (cast netting) for some fish for my farm. So that's play for me ;)

Now back to work I go!

Take care, Bryan

oilerdiehard said...

Happy birthday bro! I hope you had a good one. Welcome to the 30s club. :)

I definitely consider you a friend and I hope you feel the same way. I am glad to hear you have a strong family behind you. That is all a man needs.

Who knows maybe one day when I am back visiting my parents / family we will meet up at an Oiler game if you make it up there. I usually try to take in a couple each trip.

You have a fish farm? Nice. This is something you have at home?

Anyway happy birthday once again Bryan. Keep up the great work with the blog.



Bryanbryoil said...

Thanks Dale, you are definitely someone that I consider to be a friend as well. I do raise fish at home (I live on 1 acre with running water). I have a combination of tanks and ponds. I've always loved fish and used to spend lots of time when I was younger at pet shops looking to buy ornamental fish.

It is something that I greatly enjoy, and I have had the privilege of doing a few things that have yet to be documented. It takes up a great deal of my time, but I love every minute of it.