Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Brule's and Reddox' Return Means a Packed Falcons Lineup

With Gilbert Brule and Liam Reddox both being assigned to Springfield, the Falcons will in essence be a whole team for the first time in a LONG time. For the first time since the 12 game mark, the Falcons will have Reddox, Brule, Potulny, and Schremp at their disposal in the same game.

Whether it's a temporary situation that will end after the NHL Allstar break, or for the long haul, the Falcons need to take advantage of this opportunity and start to make up ground on their Atlantic Division counter parts.

Ryan Stone and Shane Willis also add to the mix and quite frankly, the Falcons forward lineup looks the best that it has in the entire time the Oilers have been affiliated with the Falcons. Outside of Slava Trukhno, the Falcons have no major injuries (unless you include the waiver eligible JF Jacques). Barring any trades, this could be the strongest team that the Falcons ice this year.

The lines could be any number of combinations as the Falcons now have 3 very capable centers in Schremp, Potulny, and Brule. Here is what I'd like to see from coach Truitt.....

Benson, McDonald

Quite frankly, that's the first time that I look at a Falcons lineup heading into a game and I can say that there are no ECHLers filling holes. If McDonald, O'Marra, or Goulet want to play, they need to EARN it. Quite frankly the first 2 guys could have easily been on their way to Stockton instead of Geoff Paukovich. And they may find their way there anyway if this lineup is kept intact. Goulet could be headed there as well, but at least he has shown some offensive ability of late when in the lineup.

The Falcons have a big 2 game set coming up this weekend against 2 very good AHL Atlantic Division teams in the 3rd place Worcester Sharks and the 1st place Providence Bruins. Both games are in Springfield, so this is a golden opportunity to make a push and build confidence against the cream of the division.

For once, the Falcons can't make the excuse that they are out manned.


doritogrande said...

Captain Sestito on the 4th line? Surely a captain shouldn't be playing there! Haha!

All kidding aside, that's a good Falcon forward lineup. My money's on Brule being down here for a while to not pooch his waiver eligibility until it's absolutely necessary. You'd have to wonder where Trukhno would fit into this lineup.

It's a shame Truitt doesn't play his 6 best defensemen in each game. His continued favouritism of Chorney over Wild/Bisallion continues to grind on me. I notice these big guys Gabinet and Taylor that have barely played this year. Do you figure them to bring a stabilizing force to overall team defense?

Bryanbryoil said...

That's where Moreau, I mean Sestito belongs ;)

Trukhno would have to figure in somewhere IMO as he is a solid enough prospect that it'd be a waste to see him in the PB. He would probably take Lerg's spot IMHO.

As for Chorney, he's been solid of late, however Bisaillon and Wild would be nice to see in the lineup. IMO having 4 of Roy, Young, Gabinet, and Taylor is a bit much in terms of stay at home types, and if you add in Peckham, that's 5 of 6 defensive types. Personally I'd sit Gabinet and play Wild or more likely Bisaillon in his place.

hunter1909 said...

WTF ever happened to O'Marra? I thought a 6'3" tough player was going to wreak havoc.

Is he stupid? Or just injury prone? Or a combination of both?

Red Deer Rebel said...

BBO, how do the playoffs work in the AHL. Top 4 teams in each division make it in?

Bryanbryoil said...

Red Deer-I don't know about every conference or division, but in the Atlantic Division the top 4 teams make the postseason.

Then of course #1 faces #4 and #2 faces #3.

Apparently Dorito has said that it works differently in other divisions, but that is how it works in Springfield's division. You can look to last years standings and playoff matchups to verify.

IIRC once you're out of the 1st round, then the seeding changes and you face teams from another division.

Any long time Falcons fans care to clarify?

Bryanbryoil said...

Hunter-O'Marra is a disappointment of monumental proportions so far, I will be writing about him soon. I just don't see what in the hell got him drafted so high.

hunter1909 said...

Bryan you can stop worrying about the OIlers, the defence is starting to gel and Souray/Roloson need to stay healthy for a good spring run.

It would be awesome if Schremp makes the grade but it's all down to him.

Weird, but I see MacT's playoff setup: Killer puck moving defence, up to crap forwards lol, but percentage hockey will wear opposition down in a series.

O'Marra got hurt, that can be devastating to a prospect that seems to be O'Marra down the road.