Friday, January 2, 2009

Hemsky Concussed From Tootoo Hit

Just when mediocrity set in like rigamortis, catastrophe could soon be on the horizon. The balance of the season rests on the health of #83. If it looks like a long term injury, the Oilers may as well look to go the rebuild route and trade away as many vets not named Horcoff, Souray, and Visnovsky as possible. Then set our sights on trading for a superstar forward and the upcoming draft.

This team does not have the horses to overcome a long term loss of Hemsky, and it would be foolish for management to think otherwise. Play the hell out of the young guys on the team and look to next year.

Hopefully Hemsky will be back relatively soon, but concussions are risky business and if he is rushed back he becomes more susceptible to a second and more severe and long lasting concussion. Here's to hoping for a quick and full recovery for one of the very few players that brings excitement to the game. Imagine how boring "Oilers hockey" would be minus Hemsky? Liam Reddox on the top line? Well at least that way we'll get a good draft pick unless Lowe trades it for MacT's 3rd line PKing center. /rant

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