Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Moreau, Time to Lead or Leave

A lack of team leadership, quotes that could easily be seen as arrogant or just flat out pompous have almost overshadowed his lack of physical play and trademarked intensity. The Oilers don't have the guts to strip him of the C, so they should move him at the deadline.

He hasn't been great on the PK, hasn't been a wrecking ball on skates, hasn't led by example, quite frankly he hasn't played like a Captain. Then we have the alleged locker room split, if he can't handle it as the Captain, then he shouldn't be the Captain. Souray or Hemsky should get the C, Souray comes off as the alpha male on the team and Hemsky is both young enough, and skilled enough to command respect by young and old players alike.

As far as I'm concerned this team needs a coaching and Captaincy change, however since the coach won't be fired anytime soon something needs to happen and shipping Moreau out of Dodge would be a significant start.

You wear the C on your chest Mr. Moreau, but all that you've proven is that you can Captain a sinking ship. It's time to step up and play and lead like a Captain, or it's time to move off into the sunset.


doritogrande said...

Finally, something we can agree on Bryan. I was calling for him to be stripped of the captaincy last year when he played all of...jesus I can't even remember how many games he played.

But, in all honesty, who's dumb enough to take on that contract? Maybe the Islanders, but we'd have to take DiPietro in return.

Bryanbryoil said...

The way that he's been playing certainly isn't impoving his trade value. That's for damn sure.