Saturday, January 10, 2009

Stortini, a Good Trooper/Who Steps In?

Many here know that I'm not a big fan of #46, however even I felt bad for the guy when his knee twisted like a pretzel and the back of his head slammed to the ice. Stortini had been playing some of the best hockey of his career prior to the injury. Now he could be out for quite some time.

While this may mean that a roster spot opens up for Guillaume Lefebvre, I still feel bad for the guy. Not like this. He dished out a big hit after Sam Gagner looked like a 12 year old in a mosh pit with the Hells Angels the shift prior. Then even with MacIntyre out there Storts answered the bell.

Suddenly the team looks to be racking up the man games lost to injury stat and last year that was our cue to make a run. Maybe a new cast of characters will emerge this time? Guillaume Lefebvre's tenacity could really spark the team, and his left handed massacre's of larger opponents could get some momentum swinging in our direction.

With MacIntyre back as the big man on campus, maybe the coach can look to a more skilled approach? Yeah, and there will be peace in the Middle East in a week too.

Unless Pisani is ready to return, it's time to get Lefebvre signed and bring him up. The only other possibility is to see how JF Jacques looks after returning from a lengthy absence . The time away from the ice could have him re energized and the pressure of the NHL might be minuscule in comparison to what he's had to overcome to get back to pro hockey.

Either way, it was bad timing for a guy that was coming into his own, but sometimes one mans misfortune can lead to another mans opportunity.

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