Thursday, February 5, 2009

Draft Lottery Within Reach? After Tonight, Why Not?

Against the worst team in the Western Conference the Oilers were out shot, out chanced, and barely pulled out a win.

In terms of a high draft pick this would be the draft order (lottery not withstanding)....

1)Islanders 51 37
2)Thrashers 52 41
3)Sens 50 42
4)Tampa 52 45
5)Toronto 52 47
6)St. Louis 51 48
7)Nashville 51 51

8)Colorado 52 51
9)Phoenix 53 53
10)Columbus 51 53
11)Vancouver 51 54
12)Pittsburgh 53 55
13)Carolina 52 55
14)Edmonton 51 55
15)Dallas 50 55

The Oilers are currently only 4 points out of a lottery pick in what is supposed to be a deep draft. On top of that with so many teams within striking distance of the playoffs in both conferences, a sell off at the deadline could secure us a solid draft pick while also adding more draft picks that could be middle of the pack if we deal with teams that are fighting for the playoffs and are unlikely Cup contenders.

As it stands now we are smack dab in the middle of the pack, however we aren't very far away from a lottery pick and a chance at a top 3 pick if we land in the bottom 7. A likely 1st round massacre, or a top 7 pick in a deep draft as well as adding more picks and young players to our young nucleus?

This team needs a superstar to compliment Hemsky, our best bet at attaining that player is through the draft, and more specifically a high pick in a deep draft.

Get it done.


Anonymous said...

1) We were without Vis for the whole game and Horcoff and Gilbert for much of it. I wouldn't say we got outchanced either.

2) There is likely only one player (Tavares) who would be able to contribute in the next four seasons (i.e. Hemsky's remaining contract). We're very unlikely to get him, as we'd need to finish 5th from the bottom or worse. Hence, with your plan we waste all of the value years of Hemsky's contract.

3) We're a whopping 2 points (with games in hand) out of 5th in the conference. Yeah, time to tank so we can pick a guy who might be as good as Gagner in 3 years (assuming we don't win the lottery and get Tavares, which is highly unlikely).

This team is young, and is not going to win the cup this year. However, because it's young it will improve. Add the right pieces and this team may be ready for a cup run in two years. I'd be fine with changing the coach or GM, and dealing some spare parts at the dealine if we're out of it, but it is a very very poor strategy to try and tank.

As an example, Chicago looks good now, but they were shitty for 10 years...are you willing to wait 10 years for the next good team? You complain about the Oil's mediocrity? Between now and 1997 Chicago had one playoff round. As mediocre as the Oilers have been, they've had 9.

Bryanbryoil said...

So do we throw caution to the wind just so that we maximize Hemsky's remaining years? This team is no doubt smack dab in the middle of a playoff race, but outside of '06-07that's been the case every season at some point in the season. I don't mind making 1 or 2 small moves as long as it doesn't cost us much. Schremp may as well be dealt as it's obvious that the team has no plans for him here.

We'd sill be right back to the start again when we lose Cole to free agency.

A higher pick from tanking and a mid range pick for Cole would be a great continuation of a rebuild that's already in progress if we just shed a few other older players.

Guntonia said...

BBO, I normally love your material and have often (read daily) come to your site.

But that may change.

Your negativity is starting to irk me. At what point do you stop calling for change and celebrate your team's success?

Edmonton is performing quite well and with a trade deadline acquisition or two, could well go deep into the play offs.

And yet you call for a gutting job (?).

Time to start taking your happy pills and try and support your team.

Bryanbryoil said...

How did today grab you Guntonia? Did we look like a team that even with a few moves that could cause any damage in the post season?