Monday, February 23, 2009

Sam Gagner = Very Ineffective on the Powerplay

Sam Gagner averages 3:02 of PP time per game, that has him tied with Dustin Penner for the 3rd highest average PP TOI on the team in terms of forwards. 160:51 minutes total of PP time and a grand total of 5 PP points to show for that time. 3-2-5 to be exact.

That is a point for every 32:10 of PP time. For a guy that isn't producing much at ES, that is beyond gross. He sits 7th among Oilers forwards in PP points despite getting a heavy push on the PP. It's no wonder why this teams 2nd PP unit is for the most part ineffective. On the other side of the coin you have Kyle Brodziak, Brodziak has 2 PP points in all of 6:36 of PP time. Obviously that pace is impossible to sustain, but why is it that he's had only 6 1/2 minutes on the PP when he's gotten a couple of points in that short amount of time?

While I can understand the coaching staff trying to keep Gagner's confidence up, they still have to ice their best possible lines and special teams units. At this point in time it is rather obvious that Gagner doesn't fit into the latter category.

At this rate the Oilers might want to consider sending Gagner to the AHL next year if his play hasn't come around by then. You can critique his ES production due to quality of competition all that you want, but the fact remains that on the PP he has been beyond bad.


Oilerfan1 said...

Finally something other then Schremp!

God BBO just look at your blog it's a ghost town why don't you start blogging about things people care about this is a good start just stop it with the Schremp love-in, who will never be better then Gagner.

I know your probably gonna spaz at me again but talking to some people on HFOilers on IM's, they share my sentiments.

Nathan said...

did you know: gagner gets over 16 of ice time per game while hemsky only gets 18? what a joke this team is.

Scott said...

I think you could have called your blog "Sam Gagner = Very ineffective" and left it at that. I am yet to see what he brings to the team, unless you're looking for a slow moving, weak, turnover machine.

His only upside was he could pass, and now he can't really do that.

How he plays more than Andrew Cogliano is beyond me (and quite frankly, a disgrace... MacT playing favourites once again).

Bryanbryoil said...

Agreed guys, Gagner has been brutal this year. Last year he made quick and intelligent passes that ate up opposing defenses, this year he thinks that he's a sniper and is trying to out muscle the opposition. Everything bad that MacT has spat his venom at Schremp about could be applied to Gagner. Albeit one is much older, but it just goes to show this team hypocrisy.

Letting Gagner step in as an 18 year old now looks like a HUGE mistake. They should've in retrospect given Schremp, Pouliot, or Thoresen the nod instead and given Gagner more time to mature physically in the OHL and then maybe even the AHL next year.

At this rate the AHL may be his best bet to get back on track next season.