Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So I Guess I'm Not an Oilers Fan Anymore

At least that's what I'm told since at this point I'd rather the Oilers miss the postseason to get a good draft pick and even more importantly rid the team of the Head Coach. That is what I consider to be the best bet for this team to get back on track and play the uptempo and hard hitting style that initially made me fall in love with the team over a decade ago.

I have spent countless hours watching the team, its prospects, and talking about the team on numerous web sites. Quite frankly the longer this team flirts with the playoff bubble and the longer that it looks like the team will be led by Mactavish the more distant I feel from the team.

What used to entertain me has now become redundant and all but boring. Outside of watching Ales Hemsky's artistry, the team has become blah. It shouldn't be like that with speedsters like Nilsson, Cole, Cogliano, and Horcoff as well as Visnovsky. But it has. The team has no identity, they aren't a physical team, they aren't an offensive team, and they aren't a defensive team.

I could handle this if things were looking up, but as far as I'm concerned history will continue to repeat itself as long as MacT is the coach. And there's a damn good chance that his departure will mean that Lowe brings in another "MacT" for the better part of a decade. But I can't think about that now or that would be the final nail in the coffin of me "no longer being a fan" and stopping myself from giving a damn at all.

If this means that I'm not a fan, so be it. As far as I'm concerned I'm in Fan purgatory. I care enough that it still bothers the hell out of me what's going on with the team, but I'm trying not to care as much and trying to hold on as long as I can before I can't take another minute of this teams shenanigans.

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