Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Closer Look At Schremp's Drop in AHL Production

Here's a break down of his stats last year vs. this year to date.

'07-08 0.9744

'08-09 0.6842

difference: -0.2902

'07-08 0.6795
'08-09 0.5614
difference: -0.1181

'07-08 0.2949

'08-09 0.1228

difference: -0.1721

'07-08 0.4359

'08-09 0.3158
difference: -0.1201

'07-08 0.5385

'08-09 0.3684

difference: -0.1701

'08-09 57gp. 7-32-39
ES 3-15-18 (10-1st, 5-2
nd assists)
PP 4-17-21 (8-1st, 9-2
nd assists)

78gp. 23-53-76
ES 9-25-34 (14-1st, 11-2nd assists)
PP 14-28-42 (11-1st, 17-2
nd assists)

As you can see, his numbers are down across the board, the biggest hit are his goals/game numbers and his PP points/game numbers. Obviously the Falcons PP is far worse this year and that certainly has something to do with every Falcons lack of production on the PP. The goals per game is a worrisome stat. He still isn't looking to shoot the puck enough, and the Oilers should get him the number of Shawn Horcoff's sports shrink from 2 years back.

He reminds me at times of the way that Ales Hemsky used to seem anemic to shooting earlier in his career. Both players can shoot the puck well, so it leaves you scratching your head. While it is rather obvious that he has underachieved this season in the AHL (as has just about anyone wearing a Falcons jersey) the positive to come out of this season if that for the first time he looked like an NHL player in his brief 4 game stint.

No matter what happens from here on out, Schremp needs to go back to the drawing board, continue to focus in on strength and speed, and get back to shooting the puck. I'm not sure if Rob is the type of player that engulfs himself in the stats sheets or not, but his massive drop in goals this season stands out like a sore thumb. In all likelihood he will finish the year with the lowest goal total of his professional career.

It is my humble opinion that right now besides the coaching staff in Edmonton, Robbie's biggest hurdle is the one that he has to clear between his ears. He needs to play with more confidence, he needs to shoot the puck more, and he needs to keep working hard to force his way into the NHL next year no matter what organization he ends up with.

Seeing a players production drop like this, there are only so many reasons or excuses that can be tossed out there. This season is a wash, however next season is a fresh start, Rob Schremp has to look at it that way or else the soured relationship between him and Craig Mactavish could cost him more than his potential career in Edmonton.

Mactavish is the equivalent of a girl that a guy dates that leaves him and then turns into a lesbian. Basically a mind fuck and a confidence killer. It's up to Rob if he wants to try to turn the situation into a menage a trois or if he wants to be scared of chicks breaking his heart and turning lesbo the rest of his life, or something lol!


hunter1909 said...

Poor Schremp. Oilers management seem to treat every player exactly the same way, and as Schremp doesn't fit the hoser mold, he's basically fucked insofar as making the Oilers.

The worst thing is, he probably doesn't know what to do anymore, and now it's a 50/50 chance he's going nowhere.

Ironic, as MacTavish, alkie killer gets a second chance, while Schremp basically doesn't merit a first one.

Bryanbryoil said...

What I don't get is that the Oilers have a perfect ringer for a red headed step child (Reddox) yet Schremp gets treated as such? LOL!

Jeff said...

I don't think its a scoring problem with Schremp as much as it is as problem with his speed and defensive play. He really needs to improve in those areas. The Oilers aren't the only ones who feel this way I'm pretty sure if somebody wanted Schremp at the trade Deadline they could have had him but nobody wanted him because of those same problems.

Bryanbryoil said...

Schremp's speed is adequate. He could be an NHL player today if he never got even a 1/2 a step quicker, same with his defensive play. Could he use more speed? Of course, but to say that he's too slow and that's why he isn't producing is laughable since he was a PPG player last year in Springfield. Not to mention this sloth had 3 assists in 4 games and was a + player to boot.

RaoulDuke said...

Rob will end up in Philadelphia.

Mark my words. The Oilers will not offer him anything this summer, he'll start the year with the Phantoms and by a Flyer full time by November.