Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Patty Ooooooooooo!!!

Wow! I am in absolute shock that we acquired Patrick O'Sullivan and Ales Kotalik for Carolina's 2nd rounder and Erik Cole and a 5th round pick.

INSANE is all that comes to mind! O'Sullivan alone is worth way more than Cole and a 5th. I would've given LA Cole and a 1st without batting an eye for O'Sullivan.

O'Sullivan is an ultra speedy winger with a bundle of skill and a superb shot. This is a guy that should be a perfect compliment to Ales Hemsky and undoubtedly improves our team speed. Not to mention he's all of 24 years of age and is signed to 2 more years.

O'Sullivan also gives the Oilers a great option on the RW 1/2 boards across from Hemsky. This move bolsters our team for the next 2 years or more for a player that looked like he'd be leaving at years end anyway.

Kotalik brings a shooter that has underperformed in Buffalo and could thrive in a larger role in Edmonton with its abundance of passers. Probably a rental, if he ends up on Hemsky's line perhaps the fellow Czech can convince Kotalik to return just to drive Rod Phillips "Ales Hemsky wheels into the zone passes to Ales Kotalik, Ales back to Ales, and Kotalik scores! I mean Hemsky scores!".

As an Oilers fan this has been a tough season, through it all Lowebellini just pulled the strings and improved our team amidst the stretch drive. Sellers no more, it's time to get the kids into the postseason and go from there! Now if only we could get a coach that would play to our teams strengths. Don't be one bit surprised to see either of these players or both to be in MacT's dog house this year or next.

The President wants skill, the coach wants grit, time for the coach to go.


RaoulDuke said...

Trading Cole was beautiful to me, and then to see that they somehow landed O'Sullivan to boot was just hilarious.

Makes me wonder why they sit on their ass all year long when they have the ability to scam other teams.

Bryanbryoil said...

For sure RD, problem is Macgarbage will probably neuter him like he has pretty well everyone else on the team.

This team needs a new coach like a Maury Povich "guest" needs birth control.