Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Roloson, One of the Games Great Surprises This Season

With 13 games left, Dwayne Roloson at 39 years old just played his 52nd game of the season and was once again a difference maker, dare I say THE difference maker tonight. I must admit that I wanted Roli dealt, waived, or bought out before the season because I felt that he was an overpaid and over the hill back up. Well, in hindsight I wish that he was dealt because we'd be in the Tavares sweepstakes without him this year.

Now let's look at why Roli has just taken conventional wisdom as well as a past track record and threw it out the window. At 39 years of age most players are on their last legs or at least are clearly on the decline, their icetime and effectiveness diminish and they are looked at more for leadership and clutch play that for putting the team on their backs and carrying them to the finish line. This is only the 4th time in his professional career that he has played in 52 games or more, and only the SECOND time at the NHL level.

While he won't match or surpass his NHL career high of 68 games in '06-07, barring something unforeseen happening he should end up with over 60 NHL regular season games under his belt for just the 2nd time in his NHL career and the 3rd time in his professional career. Roli is a text book case of a guy that doesn't follow the norm.

I was wrong about the guy, but I highly doubt that I was the only one.


RaoulDuke said...

The problem is playing him constantly he's got to be wearing down if not now then by mid April just in time for the playoffs. What's the point of making the playoffs if he blows out his knee 2006 style in Round One, Game One?

I don't understand why JDD doesn't get a start against a team like the Avalanche when the Oilers are just going to blow an easy win anyway. In a back to back night situation and Chicago on Friday, you have to give him a night off and put Deslauriers in for the Colorado game.

Bryanbryoil said...

When JDD FINALLY gets back between the pipes he'll probably be so rusty that he can't stop a beach ball. Sad but true. At this rate, unless we clinch a playoff berth late in the year, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Craig starts Roli every game from here on out unless he starts to suck something fierce.