Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chorney's Offensive Abilities and Speed Isn't Good Enough to Make Up For His "Defense"

The kid is a very good passer and can carry the puck up ice as well as jump into the play, those are the positives. That and he has pretty good speed to boot. That's where the wheels come off. His defensive positioning, reading plays as they develop, and not getting caught up ice with an odd man situation heading the other way are all still very real concerns.

He has to add the word "defense" to his arsenal if he expects to be a significant NHL player from the blue line. His speed allows him to take a few more risks, but it doesn't matter how fast you are if the puck is at center ice and you're below the face off circles before you start back checking.

The Oilers AHL prospects really need some solid guidance, there is clearly talent down there but there are also major flaws with the majority of our most talented players on the farm. Hopefully Rob Daum or another coach can do that next season so that some of these guys that get sent down can realize their potential and make the farm team look like something other than a grinders paradise.

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