Monday, April 20, 2009

Prendergast On TPS Tonight to Answer Prospect Related Questions

Listen on the internet at

Team 1260 in E-town or on the internet elsewhere. Talk about cramming in a ton in an hour! The Falcons follies, Schremp falling off the map, Eberle's Falcons debut, the status and progression of our CHL, NCAA, and Euro prospects.

Speaking of Euro prospects, I wonder if anyone will pop the "Omark question"? :) The beauty about Guy Flaming's and Dean Millard's show is that they look to the fans to toss in their questions every now and then.

As long as you aren't being malicious and can string some coherent sentences together, your question could be asked to one of the Oilers big Whig's. Where else do you get that kind of interaction?

Take the time to listen to this interview as I'm sure it should be filled with a ton of questions that prospects fans and Oilers fans in general want to have asked and answered.

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