Monday, April 6, 2009

What I Expect Of Our Billionaire Owner

With word of Linus Omark not even being offered a NHL rookie max salary or an AHL max salary, I must say that I am a little ticked off about this teams penny pinching nature on one hand while tossing buckets of cash with the other.

So without further adieux, here's what I expect of our billionaire owner...

1)Top of the line scouting
Not a capped system, hire the best and pay them the best, often times a scouting staff is MUCH more valuable than a coaching staff or a GM.

2)Top of the line coaching
Again, not something that is affected by the cap, I want a proven winner and guys that demand and command respect around the league.

3)A guy that is willing to hand out significant signing bonuses to keep high profiled prospects pacified in the AHL for a number of years. By doing this we can out bid many other teams for FA prospects and load up our farm team while building on what should already be a solid prospect pool due to our improved scouting staff.

4)A class organization, world class travel, looking after your prospects by providing them with better amenities in the minors, big welcomes to new players, basically welcoming them to the "Oilers family".

5)A winning team, if we do all of the above, IMO it is a surefire recipe for success.

6)Be willing to spend to the cap
This is one that is already being done, while this current rendition of the team is failing to meet their expectations based on salary and general expectations, at least Katz is willing to do just that and has already done so.

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