Tuesday, July 21, 2009

MacT's Favortism Led To Upper Management Needing Another Season To Evaluate Certain Players

Namely most of them. While it is indeed interesting and ironic that Steve Tambellini has tried to trade 3 different Oilers that weren't on MacT's Christmas card list (Penner, Schremp, and Brodziak) it seems as if Tambellini wants to see more from certain players under new direction. Players like Marc Pouliot, Gilbert Brule, JF Jacques, Jeff Drouin-Deslauriers just to name a few. He also seems less than willing to give away players that were deemed as useless by MacT and because of that regular MacT punching bags Nilsson, Penner, Schremp, and Pouliot could all be seeing themselves at camp with a clean slate under 2 new coaches.

It wouldn't surprise me in the least to see Pouliot and Brule as our 3rd and 4th line centers in the least and the reason is that Tambellini must see these guys in action for two reasons, to assess their worth to the organization and to see what kind of a scouting staff he has in place. He doesn't have the vested personal interest in guys like Pouliot, Schremp, and Jacques like Lowe did, but he needs to see where or if they fit into the equation. I recall a point last year where it seemed like Tambo and MacT clashed over Liam Reddox being in the lineup over other players, suddenly Liam was a HS for a game. If that was true, MacT changed his ways for a very short stretch and it was back to business as usual.

The farm situation surely didn't endear Rob Schremp to him as he was a guy that played horribly for 3/4 of the season down there after showing that he was near NHL ready in his 4 NHL games. That was not a good way to make a positive impression on the new GM for Schremp, Trukhno, or anyone not named Stone, Potulny, or Linglet. However nearly the whole team underachieved much like the big club did, so a new season could go a long way in resurrecting careers in the NHL and on the farm.

How pissed would you be that you had so many players that would be waiver eligible this season yet you get to see Liam Reddox on a nightly basis instead of Marc Pouliot, Gilbert Brule, Ryan Potulny, and Rob Schremp? If Tambellini cuts one of these guys loose for peanuts and they turn out to be solid NHLers he looks like an idiot. Not an ideal situation for a GM to be in. He will likely give these guys another shot or for some of these guys their first real shot at the team in a role that they are confident and capable of playing in.

Then he will hope that the remainder of the players that fall short will clear waivers and bolster the farm team and have a little more time to see them in a better environment than what was there this season in Springfield. He must be thinking that MacT has put him in a position to lose a Ray Whitney, Steve Sullivan, or other useful waiver pickups because of a stubborn former coach that wanted to get a closer look at Liam Reddox than a proctologist would.

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