Thursday, July 23, 2009

Schremp At Peace Before Camp Despite Asking To Be Traded

The Rob Schremp era with the Oilers organization will have a new and likely final chapter come the end of training camp. Still sulking over getting a "whopping" 7 NHL games over 3 seasons after leading the OHL in scoring, being a top 10 AHL scorer, and an AHL Allstar. The wounds cut deep and it seems as if he feels just as disgusted with his handling by the organization and its former coach as I have been.

However he is far more upbeat about his future in the NHL and more specifically with this team than I am. I am not very happy with the facts that he isn't looking to concentrate on his skating or changing his pass first, second, and third mentality. I do believe in the player and his on ice abilities. One thing is for sure he had better bust his ass at camp, play gritty, produce offensively, and soak up coaching like a sponge.

Whether he makes the club or not he needs to play well to up his value around the league and to entice a team to claim him on waivers if the Oilers decide to demote him to Springfield. Last year in camp the kid was a nervous wreck, this year if he comes in confident, composed, and with his lunch box in hand, he's got a shot to stick just in terms of building his trade value at the very least, or best case scenario he finally becomes a contributing member of the Oilers.

Less has never been expected of Robbie after his disastrous season last year, but like me he saw a positive in his 4 game NHL stint. He found that his game can translate to the NHL level and as a result his confidence playing in the league has never been higher. However no matter how confident he is in his abilities he should see that he needs more speed and strength. He thinks the game offensively and makes swift enough decisions to be an NHLer, but he needs to come out with more confidence, less cautious play, and looking to shoot the lights out at camp.

One thing is all but a certainty, this will be the last training camp that we'll see Rob Schremp wearing an Oilers jersey unless he becomes a regular or clears waivers and later on has a very successful callup and he stays the rest of the season. It could be a situation where lower pressure and a clean slate resurrects a career where it seemed doomed, or it could just be that it was never meant for Rob to be an Oiler. Either way, we'll be finding out soon enough, and this time I'm not so sure that he pulls it off.

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