Sunday, August 9, 2009

Modern Day NHLers Are Looking Like A Bunch Of Asshats

Dany Heatley and his personal vendetta against the Senators, Jay Bouwmeester signing with his hometown teams biggest rival instead of coming home, and now the newest member of the Massengil club, Patrick Kane. Allegedly assaulting a cab driver because of getting short changed a whopping $0.20. Is he sad that he just lost 10 M&M's or 4/5ths of a gum ball? I mean seriously, you have a guy that attacks a man pushing retirement age for 1/5th of an item at the dollar store.

Suddenly Sean Avery and his sloppy seconds remark (which I personally thought was hilarious even though it was uncalled for) and Jarret "I'm cancelling the wedding via email" Stoll look like good old Canadian boys compared to Kane. Hell even an arrogant dick head like Chris Pronger hasn't gotten into this much trouble off the ice.

There was an article recently talking about how hockey viewership in Canada is waning. Between character individuals like these making tons of money, refusing to play on Canadian soil unless it's part of a pesky road trip, and Canadian teams having come up short of the cup for well over a decade, it's no wonder that there is a growing disconnect between Canadians and the NHL. It really is a shame that these kids are coddled so much and given so much so soon in life just to act like a 5 year old throwing a tantrum when they don't get their way.

This is far from an NHL problem, it is a disturbing growing trend in this world, "it's all about me". I am far from opposed from a good ass beating if someone takes a swing at you, insults your family, or threatens your life. But $0.20? That's 1/4 of a roll of toilet paper, making the kind of money that young Patrick Kane does he shouldn't have to be worrying about paying for ass wipe. Unless of course he gets jail time and Bubba rips him a new one, or just stretches out the old one then he might need to hoard some Charmin. May as well make sure that he gets his $0.20 worth.

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I. RAOUL DUKE - was the one that ripped up the "Terrece is Hockeyville sign."

It's been painful to watch HF Oil fans comment on that, when I did it.