Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Day Of Reckoning For Rob Schremp To Be Held On Another Day!

Once again Rob Schremp isn't showing as much as he should at camp, he's far from equaling what he did in his first 2 regular season games last season with the Oil. His speed is better but the player is the same, still not looking for his shot and still not trying to back the defense down on the rush. I've been saying that this camp, it's all on Schremp. No matter what kind of a "relationship" he had with the previous coach, this is a new staff and he just needs to go out and play well.

Unless he ups his game he will be AHL fodder yet again and this time IMO he'll have no one to blame but himself for blowing a golden opportunity. At that point I'd prefer that he gets claimed on waivers if he is sent down just so that I can sever the fan ties that I've had with the kid for what seems like an eternity.

Once again this season I've gone against the grain to say that it's not over yet for Rob Schremp and that he'll make it. If he fails me this time it will be the last. He's 23 years old now, he's gotten faster, he's gotten stronger, he has all world puck skills, now does he have the heart and the mental toughness to become an NHL player?

I'm waiting to find out once and for all. It's all on you Rob, bring it and succeed or fail miserably yet again.


Bryanbryoil said...

Or Not! I guess it was overly assumptious on my part in thinking that he'd be playing against the Islanders. One would think that at the least they'd be showcasing him for a possible trade there. Maybe they don't want them to see him and try to pluck him off waivers if or when hes sent down?

hunter1909 said...
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hunter1909 said...

He doesn't appear to have NHL timing.

He skates into the zone, stands there waiting for a bus, then suddenly loses the puck and it's all over.

And I'm probably his second biggest fan.

Bryanbryoil said...

hunter-He hasn't played his best yet by a long shot, the problem is that he had better do it soon as at this point it looks like he will be lucky to get in 1 more game in Oilers silks.