Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Mother Of All Rebuilding Trades (Proposal)

With the talk around Edmonton and the web that the Oilers and Bruins may look to hook up on a trade for Toronto's 1st round pick, I have looked at what might be considered feasible for both teams and this is the monstrosity that I have come up with.

Boston's needs: Top line veterans and additional help on the blueline.

Oilers needs: Quality youth for a competitive team in about 3 seasons time, shed quality players to all but ensure a top 3 pick again next season.

So here is what I came up with.

To Boston: Hemsky, Penner, Gilbert
Total Cap Hit $12.35 million

To Edmonton: TO's
1st, Boston's 1st, Ryder, Thomas, and Wideman
Total Cap Hit $12.9375 million

Boston gets 3 players that they could use including 2/3's of a top line to flank Savard when he returns, and a top 4 d-man.

Edmonton gets 2 first rounders, a reclamation project on D in Wideman, and 2 cap dumps in Thomas and Ryder. With a rebound season Thomas could become trade able or we dump him along with a 2nd tier roster player for a big 1 or 2 season salary dump. The key with these salary dumps is to make sure that their salaries are off the book by the time that our 1st round pick or in this case picks entry level contracts are done.

TO's 1st will likely be the best player in this deal eventually, but what they lose in potential, they gain in some solid assets entering their primes. And if you look at it from Boston's perspective they would get Hemsky, Penner, Gilbert, TO's 1st in '11, and TO's 2nd in '10 for an overpaid Thomas who has since been passed by Rask, an overpaid Ryder, their 2010 1st, an underperforming Wideman, and Kessel. It's still looking like a sweetheart deal for Boston.

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