Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hall and Fowler Take On Draft Notable Jeff Skinner And Kitchener

Hall, Fowler, and the rest of the Windsor Spitfires have been waiting to get their 3rd playoff series underway after 2 consecutive sweeps in their first 2 rounds. On the other end of the ice will be Jeff Skinner a guy that scored more goals than Hall and Seguin in the regular season with 50-40-90 in 64 games. He currently sits 1st in playoff goalscoring and 3rd in scoring with 12-8-20 in 13 games. Like Hall and Seguin he led his team in scoring as a draft eligible player in the regular season and like Hall has done so in the preseason as well.

What would be said if Skinner outplays Hall in this series considering how many people have thrown Seguin into the scrap heap after getting outclassed in the box scores against Hall and his vastly superior Spitfires team? I don't think that it would make much of a difference, but this is something to keep an eye on on various hockey boards.

Game On! Hall and Fowler soldier on on their quest to lead Windsor to their 2nd consecutive Memorial Cup, and the Oilers can also get a heavy scouting dosage of Jeff Skinner in the process.

All Times EST
4/15 Game 1 Kitchener @ Windsor 7:05PM
4/17 Game 2
Windsor @ Kitchener 7:00PM
4/18 Game 3
Kitchener @ Windsor 7:05PM
4/20 Game 4
Windsor @ Kitchener 7:00PM
4/22 *Game 5
Kitchener @ Windsor 7:05PM
4/23 *Game 6
Windsor @ Kitchener 7:30PM
4/25 *Game 7
Kitchener @ Windsor 2:05PM
* = If Necessary

Taylor Hall 8gp. 9-7-16 +12 8pim.
(ES 4-5-9 4-1st, 1-2nd assists)
(PP 5-2-7 1-1st, 1-2nd assists)
(SH 0-0-0 0-1st, 0-2nd assists)
3 Star
Selections: 4
1st Star: 1
2nd Star: 2
3rd Star: 1

Cam Fowler 8gp. 0-6-6 +1 4pim.
(ES 0-3-3 2-1st, 1-2nd assists)
(PP 0-3-3 2-1st, 1-2nd assists)
(SH 0-0-0 0-1st, 0-2nd assists)
3 Star Selections: 0
1st Star:
2nd Star:
3rd Star:


Red Deer Rebel said...

BBO, have you checked the results from last night's game?

I notice Jeff Skinner notched 2 goals in his first game against the same Windsor team that shut down Seguin completely.

I can't find the full gamesheet, so I don't know how many assists Skinner picked up (if any):

This kind of result adds some context to my concerns about Seguin. A lot of question marks for a supposed first overall pick.

Bryanbryoil said...

The bottom line is that Skinner could very well outscore Hall, what does that mean? That a guy that isn't rated in the top 10 is better? Seguin had a groin injury and didn't get any luck. It happens. Stamkos had 2 points when his team was swept in his draft year. IMO that series should be taken into consideration but it's not the end all be all.

Bryanbryoil said...

Here's another thing to consider.

Skinner's team has 7 1+ PPG players, 3 more that are roughly 3/4 PPH, while Seguins had 4 that were 1+ PPG and 1 other that was a little over 1/2 PPG.

That said it was not a very good series by him. He had his chances and he didn't capitalize. That said I'd hardly hold it against the kid for the rest of his life. As someone on HF said, the young dynasty Oilers were embarrassed much in the same way that Seguin and Plymouth were before taking the next step as a team and winning it all.