Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Legend Of Hall Continues To Grow

I must say that I have been going back and forth between Hall and Seguin in terms of who would be best for the Oilers. I was still 50/50 after Seguin and the Whalers were swept and Seguin didn't register a single point in the 4 game series. That said Hall has since been a key contributor in his teams come from behind series win against Kitchener.

Coming back from 3-0 is one hell of a feat to say the least. Tonight he started off game 1 against Barrie with an overtime PP goal to propel Windsor to a 1-0 series lead. While I am not ready to proclaim him the guy that I'd draft, he is getting very close to grabbing that meaningless distinction.

While I still worry about his disposition of playing the game with his head down and getting smoked from time to time, there is getting to be more and more to like about Taylor Hall's play in the post season. While you have to consider his teammates being better than a guy like Seguin, you cannot deny that he is coming up big for his team when it matters most.

If he can lead his team to a 2nd consecutive Memorial Cup and once again is named the MVP I will throw my hat into the Taylor Hall for #1 camp. Why do I put such lofty expectations on Taylor? Well because I am one of the people that sees a very high upside in Seguin and quite frankly I can be stubborn :) Of course he has a great team around him, but I want to see him leave junior as a 2 time champion and 2 time MVP. If he can do that he shows me that he is a man among boys in the postseason and that he is ready, willing, and able to lead the way and do what it takes to win no matter what.

Whether this does or doesn't happen, keep your head up Taylor, no literally keep your head up kid because no one wants to see you get your bell rung!

Interesting stat, Hall has 3 GWG in the postseason this year while he had only 2 in the regular season. 2 of those goals in the postseason has been clutch while the other was the first goal of a 3-0 win. All 3 of those goals have come in Windsor's last 5 games.

Taylor Hall
16gp. 16-12-29 +14 24pim.
(ES 10-8-18 6-1st, 2-2nd assists)
(PP 6-4-10 1-1st, 3-2nd assists)
(SH 0-0-0 0-1st, 0-2nd assists)
3 Star
Selections: 8
1st Star: 3
2nd Star: 2
3rd Star: 3
GWG-3 (1ot)

Cam Fowler 16gp. 1-8-9 -2 12pim.
(ES 1-3-4 2-1st, 1-2nd assists)
(PP 0-4-4 2-1st, 2-2nd assists)
(SH 0-0-0 0-1st, 0-2nd assists)
3 Star Selections: 0
1st Star:
2nd Star:
3rd Star:

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