Monday, April 12, 2010

Souray Probably Isn't the Only High Profile Oiler That Wants Out

Sheldon Souray's rapid fire attack on the Oilers management was classic Souray, he speaks his mind and doesn't care who likes it and who doesn't. That is his personality, however everyone has different personalities and players that aren't as outspoken likely won't make their demands as loudly known.

Enter Ales Hemsky, the guy that signed for a song compared to what others have since been given by the Oilers. The same guy that was disgusted with his handling at the hands of the last coach, and a guy that might not be too happy with the current coaching staff and with the teams direction.

Then we have Dustin Penner, a guy that has been allegedly on the block a number of times with the latest being near the trade deadline as he was offered as part of a trade to lure Boston into dealing us Toronto's 1st round pick. Of course he was also part of the Heatley non-deal as well.

To be honest the Oilers have in essence pissed off three of their best players in some way, shape, or form in the last couple of seasons. Souray has made it crystal clear that he wants no part of the Oilers organization, but Hemsky and Penner sit there quiet but they are very possibly asking to be moved as well.

Tambellini said awhile back that he'd see who would be willing to stick around for a rebuild and who wanted out. If I were a betting man he probably got more requests for trades than he got requests wanting to stay.

This team has really soured since the Cup run, management, coaching, players, it's been one gong show after another. At this point the best thing to do is to purge this team of the guys that want out and start from scratch while keeping guys that want to be here and the young kids that will be coming up soon enough.

Then when you have them here treat them a hell of a lot better than their predecessors have been treated. We don't need a disgruntled Hall or Seguin, Eberle, MPS, or Gagner. For crying out loud we have one of the richest owners in the league and we can't make the players feel wanted by the organization?

What a shame, the fans and the city gets shit on, when the only thing that still smells around Edmonton is the management and the owner who isn't doing his part to kill the piss poor stereotype of the post dynasty Edmonton Oilers.


Jeff said...

Souray is not wanted so why would they make him feel wanted? As for Hemsky the guy is probably treated the best out of all the players we have. Penner sucked last year and that why they wanted to trade him. Name one NHL team that would have been happy with the way Penner played last year. The Oilers are actually a pretty loyal organization. There are teams that would have put Moreau on waivers months ago.

Bryanbryoil said...

But therein lies the problem, we are loyal to Moreau and Horcoff but have likely alienated Hemsky, Penner, and Souray in the process. It's fine to treat your role players well as long as you treat your stars at least equally as good.

Now it sounds like Penner pulled a Souray and didn't stick around to get interviewed. So chances are that he wants out, and to be honest I'd be surprised if Hemsky doesn't as well.

It's likely going to get worse before it gets better.