Saturday, August 21, 2010

Magnus The Magnificent?

With Oilerland abuzz with the potential arrival of first overall draft pick Taylor Hall and WJC hero Jordan Eberle, there is this other guy that's pretty good too, he was drafted right smack dab between the two in the '09 draft.

He may not have the flair for heroics like Eberle does (honestly, who does?), he might not have the same goal scoring repertoire of Hall, and he is the only one of the trio with a hyphenated last name. Never mind what the other guys have that he might not, let's talk about what he does have.......

Size-He is the biggest of our trio of impressive rookie forward talents.

Blazing speed-He shares this attribute with Hall, and I honestly don't know who is faster, but this guy goes through the neutral zone like a blur.

Three seasons of pro experience-One season removed from his draft year he has already played 157 games against men. This should mean that it will be an easier transition for him than the other two.

He has played on both wings-This makes him easier to fit into the lineup due to his versatility.

He back checks like a demon-One of the great benefits of playing in a defensive league, the kid has the speed and awareness to make up ground and thwart chances on turnovers.

These are just some of his attributes that makes him an exciting young prospect. Of course he has pretty good hands as well and likes to take the puck to the net. His game is still a work in progress, but the kid is a great package of skill, size, and speed. A true potential game breaker.

Whether he's in the NHL or AHL next season MPS should get people off their seats in excitement and provide his coach with one hell of a talent to mold into a future star. Magnus could very well end up being the top Oilers rookie next season.


oilers1168 said...
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oilers1168 said...

If the 2009 draft was redone I believe MPS would have gone higher and he would not be ours.

Bryanbryoil said...

I agree the guy has all the tools needed to be a superstar forward. He may not have an elite shot or elite passing skills, but IMO he has a good enough combination of these things to go along with his size and speed to become a great player.

oilerdiehard said...

You mean you do not agree with the brilliant theory by DSF that he is the next Jani Rita? ;)

Bryanbryoil said...

I think that it's beyond ridiculous that anyone would compare him to Jani Rita.