Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oilers Going About the Rebuild the Right Way

While the trade return for Dustin Penner may seem to be underwhelming to many fans (and it could very well turn out to be that way) it shows that GM Steve Tambellini has faith in his scouting department. By the sounds of it the scouting department wanted Teubert as well as more opportunities to stock the cupboard.

The Oilers are in a very good position draft wise this upcoming June.

A high 1st round pick
mid-late 1st
high 2nd
high 3rd
mid 3rd
high 4th
mid-late 4th
high 5th
high 7th

Three of the top 32 or so picks, five of the top 90 picks, seven of the top 120 picks, lots of depth to be gained in this draft as well as at least one more core building block. Going back to last years draft we will have had 5 picks in the top 90 of each draft class for two years. That is setting yourself up for future success even if we had barely adequate scouting. If Stu MacGregor is close to the head scout that some of us feel that he is, he should have us well stocked in no time flat.

Also as part of the Penner deal we acquired another top 90 pick for 2012's draft. With some luck and a lot of quality scouting in 3-4 years time we will be in the Kings current position, dealing for pieces to the playoff puzzle from a position of strength because our cupboard is bursting with quality prospects. There is a method to the madness and from where I sit Tambellini is building this team from the ground up in rather impressive fashion.

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