Monday, September 15, 2008

BBO's Top 20 Prospects

Players that I have seen play in at least 1 game are in Blue text. Cut off age for my prospects list is 24 years of age or 60 NHL games played at the time of this post, whichever comes first.

1) D Jeff Petry
2) C/W Rob Schremp
3) C Riley Nash
4) Rw Jordan Eberle
5) D Taylor Chorney
6) D Theo Peckham
7) D Cody Wild
8) C/W Chris Vande Velde
9) G Devan Dubnyk
10) Lw Viacheslav Trukhno
11) Lw Jean-Francois Jacques
12) C/Rw Ryan O'Marra
13) D Alex Plante
14) D Sebastien Bisaillon
15) G Bryan Pitton
16) D Johan Motin
17) C Tyler Spurgeon
18) D Bryan Young
19) Lw Liam Reddox
20) Lw Philippe Cornet

Lw Linus Omark (the wildcard)
D Josef Hrabal (still waiting to see how he does on North American ice)
D Jordan Bendfeld (could he be another Peckham?)
C/W Bryan Lerg (must prove his worth at the AHL level this year)
Rw Stephane Goulet (until his skating improves, he's on the outside looking in)


RaoulDuke said...

Alex Plante is complete garbage. I'd knock him down a few.
Are they even prospects when they'll never play in the NHL? I guy he could prospectively fluke out and land a spot on the Panthers one day.

Jonathan said...

Pretty fair rankings all round. Where would you put Andrew Perugini if he is signed?

doritogrande said...

Are you basing O'Marra's position solely on the fact that he's a first rounder? He's done nothing in the AHL in my opinion to place him above someone such as Liam Reddox. And that's coming from a fan who wants to see O'Marra make it.

I'd personally have Cody Wild further down that list, but that's really nit-picking. Decent rankings overall.

Bryanbryoil said...

RD, I'll give him the bennefit of the doubt for now, if he looks the same next year or even later this season, he drops again, and it won't be pretty.

jonathan, I haven't seen Perugini play, but he'd probably be on teh outside looking in at least for now.

doritogrande, I have O'Marra ahead of Reddox because Reddox IMO is not an NHLer. He has the grit and determination, but I don't see him in a botom 6 role especially on a team that has so many smallish top 6 forwards.

I am not a huge O'Marra fan at all, however he should be putting it together at some point this year. If not, his stock plummets IMO.