Friday, October 24, 2008

Falcons Weekend Preview, Week 3

After dropping 2 of 3 games last weekend, the Falcons look to get back on track this weekend. This time it will be 2 games in 2 nights instead of 3 in 3 for the Falcons. Because of this, expect the lineup to be similar on both nights.

Friday Springfield Vs Albany 7:30PM EST
The Falcons take on the Carolina Hurricanes affiliate in 1 of 20 non Atlantic Division battles this season for the Falcons.

Saturday Springfield Vs Lowell 7:00PM EST
The first of 10 Atlantic Division battles with the Lowell Devils kicks off on Saturday. Lowell currently sits in 2nd place behind Providence, and ahead of the Falcons. It seems as if the divisions punching bag last year could be a pretty strong team this season.

Unfortunately for the Falcons, Gilbert Brule will once again be out of the lineup after a knee on knee collision that he sustained exactly 1 week ago today.

Player additions: D Josef Hrabal
Player subtractions: Lw Bryan Lerg


doritogrande said...

RE: Brule

Two weeks ago?

Didn't he injure it Friday the 17th?

Bryanbryoil said...

My bad, you're right. For some reason I was thinking 2 weeks, because I missed the game that he was hurt in. Thanks for the correction, Bryan