Saturday, October 25, 2008

Major Positives in a Big Loss 10/25 Vs, Vancouver

First off nothing was sweeter than seeing Erik Cole work his magic from the right side. Secondly, Marc Pouliot continues his superb play when he's on the teams 3rd line. We also had a Hemsky sighting! Lastly, the 4th line played a tough game and Stortini redeemed himself in my eyes from the Colorado game (I'm still not his biggest fan by any stretch of the imagination).

Once again, Steve MacIntyre's presence was felt against a key division rival. For a guy that never played in an NHL game prior to this season and was deemed by most to be a goon that can't skate, MacIntyre makes the most out of his opportunities to dish out a thunderous hit, and can deliver a pretty big blow at low speeds and at a standstill.

This was a game where the Oilers played an intense game, but just came out on the wrong side of the decision. However I'd prefer losing a game like this to getting outplayed for 60 minutes like they did in Chicago.

It will be interesting to see what MacT will do when Fernando Pisani returns. This would be the line-up that I'd like to see...


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