Friday, October 3, 2008

MacIntyre Makes an Impact

Steve MacIntyre didn't have long to make an impression on the Oilers brass with only 2 preseason games left. That's o.k., because he didn't need much time. The 6'6" 265lb. MacIntyre served notice to the Calgary Flames and to all of the league's heavyweights. If you're going to mess with the Oilers players, a dance with big #25 is inevitable.

While he will more than likely be a guy that draws in only when we need a peace keeper or a hell raiser, he gives the Oilers a dynamic that they haven't had since Georges Laraque left town. How he'll fair against fellow behemoths like Derek Boogard or Brian Mcgrattan remains to be seen, but he's a definite upgrade in terms of an intimidating presence compared to Zack Stortini.

Craig Mactavish has been preaching team toughness for the better part of 2 seasons, however even he's warming up to having someone to knock some heads if Hemsky, Gagner, Visnovsky, etc. get targeted with less than acceptable hits.

Here's to hoping that the Oilers have found a guy that is fine with sitting in the PB until it's time to send a message. And maybe, just maybe it might make Stortini expendable.


Sean said...

Even at 4 minutes per game he is exactly what the Oilers need. Sure we could use an enforcer who can play but there arent many if any of those. 23 also has an edge that Laraque doesnt have. Watch some of his AHL fights. He goes to bat for his teammates. You must have loved it when 25 stood up for 88 1 vs 3.

Bryanbryoil said...

Agreed, we need someone to let opposing teams know that if you run Hemsky, Gagner, Nilsson, Cogs, Visnovsky, etc. You will get yours, it may not be this game, but next game against the Oil, you had better turn up with the flu before game time. What Mac did when those 3 Flames were closing in on Schremp was both funny, and an indication of how most players mentality changes when you have to answer to someone like Mac. He sent a message, a message that Stortini could only dream of sending. This is what a deterrent is, and that's exactly what we need to protect this teams skill.