Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ready, Willing, and Able, But No Place For You!

With the Oilers final preseason game against Dallas drawing near, it seems rather likely that the Oilers won't have a spot for Gilbert Brule or Rob Schremp. A Marc Pouliot sighting and a convincing debut by new Oilers tough guy Steve MacIntyre likely leaves the Oilers with 13 forward spots spoken for.

The fact that the Oilers have decided to start with 3 goaltenders on 1 way contracts (whether due to design or misfortune is left open to discussion) makes the normally open 14th forward spot obsolete to start the year.

Unless the Oilers surprisingly shed Dwayne Roloson's contract or flat out bury him in Springfield while paying him $3 million this year, there may not be a 14th forward for some time.

Due to these circumstances both Gilbert Brule and Rob Schremp are looking to be Springfield bound before the start of the regular season. Both players showed some nice ability at camp, Brule with his speed, grit, and his desire to make use of his wrist shot every chance that he gets.
Schremp showed some good passing ability, better defensive play, better skating, and more grit. However neither player has forced the Oilers hand to open up a spot for them.

While it would be great to have a spot open to keep an additional player up to speed with the team, and to gain them valuable experience, it isn't going to happen. On many teams these 2 would get the benefit of the doubt, but on this team, deep in forwards and even deeper in goaltenders, their odds are poor at best.

Luckily the goaltending situation should be solved at some point this season, and with injuries always being an issue, expect these 2 to get some NHL games in when the opportunity arises.


Paper Designer said...

MacIntyre makes more sense as a fourteenth forward, but at this point, I think they're going to make room for his as a thirteenth.

I still am not convinced Pouliot should be on this team. He's a serviceable player, but I'd rather his spot go to a player with more upside, in either Brule or Schremp. If I was picking, Schremp, because I think Brule can benefit from a lot of playing time in the minors more.

It'll be interesting if they give these players one more game to sort the situation out.

Bryanbryoil said...

Apparently they aren't. I don't mind Pouliot as a 12th-14th forward, and I'd much prefer him in the PB instead of Brule. Pouliot brings a faceoff threat with some size. If Brodziak got hurt and we didn't have a player like Pouliot, we'd be in deep crap.

I also feel that there's a need for Mac, so unless the Oilers get rid of Roli or injuries hit, expect Brule and Schremp to start the year in Springfield.

oilerdiehard said...

I have a feeling if they send Robbie down. He will get some assurance that whether due to injury, trading a goalie or whatever. We will get you up to the big team. Pure speculation on my part but that is the feeling I have. I guess we will see what happens.

I hope to order a couple games early for the Falcons. That should be a fun line up down there to watch.

Bryanbryoil said...

I hope that's the case ODH, and if the team is struggling with scoring goals, maybe, just maybe Mac-T will be forced into rolling with 3 scoring lines which will bennefit Schremp.

Schremp, Brule, Trukhno, Potulny, Corazzini, Reddox, Lerg, Chorney, Wild, Bisaillon, not too shabby of a line-up to watch offensively. Let's just hope that Truitt lets 'em play instead of rimming everything around the boards in all 3 zones.