Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pouliot and Schremp in '08-09 = '07-08 Versions of Brodziak and Nilsson...

This is a post on HF that I made back in August, let's take a look at it early on this season...

'06-07 AHL Brodziak 62gp. 24-32-56 0.387g/gm. 0.516a/gm. 0.903pts/gm.

'07-08 AHL Pouliot 55gp. 21-26-47 0.382g/gm. 0.473a/gm. 0.855pts/gm.

'06-07 AHL Nilsson 69gp. 18-48-66 0.261g/gm. 0.696a/gm. 0.957pts/gm.

'07-08 AHL Schremp 78gp. 23-53-76 0.295g/gm. 0.680a/gm. 0.974pts/gm.

Brodziak 23 years old at start of '07-08 season
Pouliot 23 years old at start of '08-09 season

Nilsson 22 years old at start of '07-08 season
Schremp 22 years old at start of '08-09 season

IMO we should see similar seasons from MAP and Schremp this year that we saw from Brodziak and Nilsson last year.

Here we are 4 games into the current Oilers season, and 5 games into the Falcons current season. Let's see what each player has done in a similar timeframe.

'07-08 Brodziak 4gp. 1-2-3 +3 9sog. 14.09toi 0% faceoffs
'08-09 Pouliot 4gp. 0-2-2 Ev 5sog. 9:41toi 50% faceoffs

'07-08 Nilsson 4gp. (Edmonton) 0-1-1 -1 4sog. 12:47toi
'08-09 Schremp 3gp. (Springfield) 0-3-3 +1 3sog.

Nilsson played one more game before being sent down 10/12 and called up on 11/2.
His stats while he was down in Springfield were...

5gp. 2-2-4 +4 and he fired 21 shots on net!

Like Schremp so far this season, all of Nilsson's points were at even strength in the AHL last season.

So what does this tell us? IMO it shows that both players are in similar situations as their counterparts were last season, the difference is that Nilsson has less competition last year than Schremp does this season to crack the Oilers line-up, and Pouliot hasn't been relied upon as heavily as Brodziak was to start last season.

Also of note is that Nilsson out shot the heck out of Schremp despite not being known as a shooter.

Both players can still make their mark as their counterparts did last season, but they will need the time to do it, and to tweak their games. Especially Schremp. On a team full of playmakers, Schremp needs to do what Nilsson did when he was sent down and just fire pucks on net. There really isn't much of a difference between the '08-09 Schremp and '07-08 Nilsson at the AHL level, both carry the puck well, both are superb passers, both do damage at even strength, but Nilsson had a cohort, a guy that he played with previously and had great chemistry with, Patrick Thoresen. Schremp won't likely get called up to play in the next game or 2, but Nilsson didn't get his second chance until the Oilers 14th game of the season.

Injuries are part of the game, and Schremp needs to be ready if he gets the call as Nilsson did last season after falling out of favor with the coach.

And for those that may think that Schremp can't put the puck on net like Nilsson did last season, let me remind you that Schremp's first 5 AHL games last season saw him put 19 shots on net and scored 3 goals while also assisting on 3 more while being a +2.

For some reason or another, he hasn't put it all together yet this season, until he does, he belongs on the farm.

I still remain optimistic that these 2 players will have similar impacts to Brodziak and Nilsson, time will tell the tale soon enough.

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