Monday, October 20, 2008

Time to Unleash the Sniper With-in

Rob Schremp is a superb playmaker, and excellent passer, a very good stickhandler, and once upon a time a one shot sniper.

Now I'm not sure what has changed in Rob Schremp's mind since his final season in London back in '05-06, but he has for the most part abandoned what was once a BIG part of his game.

Let's take a look back at Rob's career...

Season-Team-League-Stats-(% of points that were goals)
'02-03 Missaussauga (OHL)
65gp. 26-48-74 12PPG (0.3514)

'03-04 Missaussauga/London (OHL)
63gp. 30-45-75 16PPG (0.40)

'04-05 London (OHL)
62gp. 41-49-90 23PPG (0.456)

'05-06 London (OHL)
57gp. 57-88-145 38PPG (0.3931)

'06-07 Wilkes-Barre/Scranton (AHL)
69gp. 17-36-53 160sog 9PPG (0.3208)

'07-08 Springfield (AHL)
78gp. 23-53-76 205sog 14PPG (0.3023)

'08-09 Springfield (AHL)
3gp. 0-3-3 3 shots on goal 0PPG (0.00)

'08-09 Edmonton (NHL Preseason)
4gp. 0-2-2 3sog 0PPG (0.00)

Schremp's seemingly been looking to be more of a passer since his big year in the OHL as a 19 year old. He has the tools, an accurate wrist shot, a blistering and accurate slap shot, an exceptional onetimer, yet he wants to play like he's Adam Oates.

When I first saw Schremp play, I described him as Doug Weights passing ability, with a much better shot, but a far worst skater. His skating is respectable now, but his lack of desire to shoot the puck is probably the biggest reason why he's still in the AHL.

Having all of 6 shots in 7 professional games to start the season is unacceptable for a player with his skill set, someone in the Oilers organization needs to get a hold of the kid and get him back on the right path.

If I ever had a chance to talk to the kid, or if he were to ever read one of my blog posts, this would be the one that I'd want him to read.

Put the freaking puck on net Robbie, good things will happen! The Oilers are dying for a true one shot scorer, and if you don't get it in gear you could be passed by not only Gilbert Brule, but also Jordan Eberle. You've got the shot, USE IT!!!

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