Sunday, November 9, 2008

AHL's Atlantic Division's Top Scorer's and the % of Their Teams Offense They Produce

Portland RW Marc Mancari
11gp. 9-13-22
Has Figured Into 52.38% Of Portland's Scoring

Portland C Tim Kennedy
11gp. 4-13-17
Has Figured Into 40.48% Of Portland's Scoring

Portland LW Nathan Gerbe
11gp. 10-5-15
Has Figured Into 35.71% Of Portland's Scoring

Providence D Johnny Boychuk
12gp. 2-13-15
Has Figured Into 42.86% Of Providence's Scoring

Worcester C Tom Cavanaugh
11gp. 6-5-11
Has Figured Into 30.56% of Worcester's Scoring

Providence RW Martins Karsums
12gp. 4-7-11
Has Figured Into 31.43% Of Providence's Scoring

Hartford RW Pierre-Alexandre Parenteau
12gp. 5-5-10
Has Figured Into 32.26% Of Hartford's Scoring

Lowell C Pascal Rheaume
12gp. 3-7-10
Has Figured Into 32.26% Of Lowell's Scoring

Hartford C Artem Anisimov
12gp. 2-8-10
Has Figured Into 32.26% Of Hartford's Scoring

Worcester Ryan Vesce
11gp. 1-9-10
Has Figured Into 27.78% Of Worcester's Scoring

Springfield LW Rob Schremp
9gp. 0-10-10
Has Figured Into 40.00% Of Springfield's Scoring In 9gp.

Springfield C Ryan Potulny
11gp. 8-1-9
Has Figured Into 28.13% Of Springfield's Scoring

Other Notable Atlantic Division Names:

Providence C Martin St. Pierre
12gp. 3-6-9

Manchester RW Teddy Purcell
10gp. 2-3-5

If there is 1 thing that needs to be considered when looking at AHL stats, it's the amount that the players team scores, how good is their PP, and just as importantly, who their ES linemates are.

Sometimes teams will have an incredibly dominant line like the Mancari-Kennedy-Gerbe line. Chances are that Kennedy and Gerbe wouldn't be scoring the way that they are without Mancari on their line and viceversa. This is similar to Martin St. Pierre starting off at a below 1PPG pace after having a superb season ending 2nd in AHL scoring last year with 88 points in 69 games. Or Teddy Purcell finishing 3rd last year with 83 points in 67 games and now starting the year at a 0.50PPG clip in his first 10 games. However, when you look at Mancari's accomplishments, they are nothing short of outstanding.

For any AHL player to have factored into over 30% of his teams scoring it is a solid contribution to say the least. But over 52% of his teams scoring? That is unbelievable! I don't know much about the guy, and I didn't really see anything special in the Falcons first game against Portland this season, but the guy is a point scoring machine at this level. He's on pace for 160 points this season in the AHL if he can keep his staggering 2PPG clip going for the whole 80 game season.

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