Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bryanbryoil's Place Readers Roll Call!

I see that there are a number of people that read the blog, but very few comment. There are people that have made numerous comments on different posts, people like Oilerdiehard, Jonathan, Doritogrande, Dubya, Rauol Duke, and Bruce among others have all chipped in with their opinions. I would love to hear from those of you that read the site. Feel free to ask questions, debate me, etc. Let's give this site some life! Thanks, Bryan


Guntonia said...

Hey BB,

Love the blog- check in here regularly as I like to see a fellow Schremp fan.

My HF board name is FairDinkum and we often find ourselves on the same side of any arguments over there.

I would also like to see a Penner Horcoff Cole line up and let Hemsky skate consistently with Gags.

Anyhow, keep it up bro.


Bryanbryoil said...

Thanks man, I've often wondered who my regular readers are. I figured that it would be heavily weighted towards HF members, however it's always cool to see who everyone is ;)

oilerdago said...


Regular reader, occasional commentator. Have followed hockey for many years but am really becoming a student of the game thanks to blogs like yours. Keep up the great work.

I would like to see Stortini elsewhere and either Shremp or Brule with a chance to jump in, but am concerned that they don't have enough jam without him. Am not sold yet on Smac but it's tough finding the right balance of skill and enforcers.

Greg said...

Hi Bry ;
I am becoming a regular reader here as well. Still frequent Oilfans, and lurk @ Lowetide's as well. I am one usually just looking for any info on my fav team, but will chime in now & again if I feel the need.

Bryanbryoil said...

Thanks oilerdago and greg.

OD-With a healthy Moreau, Souray, Staios, and 1 of Smid or Strudwick, the Oilers have some bodies to play the rough and tumble game. IMO the perfect fit for this team would be a healthy and confident JF Jacques. A guy that goes out with speed and actively looks for hits without hurting his team.

I see no improvement in Stortini's skating from last season to now and quite frankly I wouldn't be surprised if MacIntyre has a step on him speed wise. The team would benefit from having 3 true scoring lines because there would be less pressure on our existing kids and either Schremp or Brule. What is needed is more physical play from Erik Cole and especially Dustin Penner. They both have the physical attributes to be big time hitters and Cole has done so a number of times already this season. Penner HAS to use his size in more ways than just screening the goalie. MacIntyre is fine for games against other teams with heavyweights or super pests but really those should be the only games that he plays in.

Greg-No problem, anytime you have any questions just ask, if I don't know the answer, I'll probably recall who might.

hunter1909 said...

For some odd reason, I think Schremp has got in in him to emerge as a premier hockey player. The problem is, he's not playing for a particularly intelligent team.

In the 80's Glenn Sather was highly intelligent, and no doubt would have known how to develop Shremp's weird but natural ability.

Schremp's problem on the Oilers is, he doesn't come from the same background as typical Canadian players. Given the front office's seeming inability to figure out how to use their 1st round picks(Mikhnov also comes to mind), it looks more and more as if he's getting hung out to dry.

Last year I thought it was some form of spite. This year I just think it's plain old fashoined stupidity. With spite thrown in, haha.

Brule stands a better chance. He IS a Canadian, and, unlike Schremp, brings physicality to his play. His trouble will be staying healthy, given his underdeveloped body frame. Probable it's the best thing if Brule remains in the AHL for 1-2 full seasons, simply because his body is still immature. Once he grows up a little more, look out.

Back to Schremp. I hope he gets to play for the Oilers, but, I feel MacTavish is far too much of a @%$*&? coach for him to develop properly. Given the fact that MacT is treated more like a pope than a coach, it's probably going to take the proverbial trade to the Rangers for us to ever see exactly what he can do.

That is, if his spirit isn't broken before(something I suspect is wanted by the Oilers head office).

Bryanbryoil said...

Hunter-The thing that has me puzzled is the fact that they moved Schremp from C to LW. He is an absolute stud on the right side on the PP and he is exceptional at onetiming pucks crossice. So they move him to the LW? It took him most of last season to look like a LW. It is wasting his abilities to play on a side where he is more comfortable, and the side that he can really control the play from.

What was the rationale? Who was our top notched RW prospects at the time of the switch? Colin McDonald? David Rohlfs? Stephane Goulet?

IMO Schremp will develop into an offensive dynamo at the NHL level with his mix of stickhandling, passing, and shooting skills. As his strength and speed improves, so will his play. He looks like a different player in the AHL this year because he has the speed to seperate himself or burn the defender.

hunter1909 said...

Well, like Bobby Orr says, too many 18 year olds are getting rushed into the bigs before their bodies are ready to take a pounding off grown men.

Brule being a textbook case.

Right now Gagner looks out of place on the Oilers.

Who knows? maybe MacTavish gets fired by next year's training camp, giving the Schremps's of the team a properly fair shot at the big club.

We can but only hope.

oilerdiehard said...

Hey Bryan,

I think you know I read here regularly. But I will leave a hello on here anyway. :)

Keep up the good work bro.